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A Guide to Grey Squirrels on Your Property

Winton Squirrel Control treatmentThe grey squirrel invades the United Kingdom and causes much damage. In addition to eating through wires and destroying homes, they also cause house fires. Exterminating them on sight is encouraged because they are considered such a nuisance. It would be best if you did not let them on your property. Grey squirrels can damage your property, so you should not let them on your property. We are experienced in handling squirrel-related issues at Winton Squirrel Pest Control.

The following are other damages caused by squirrels:

  • A chewed piece of wood can damage a roof or gutter when it is chewed on.
  • As a result of climbing on a roof, tiles are broken, and gutters can fall down.
  • As a result of squirrels chewing on cables, it can cause electrical wiring to become damaged, which creates a safety hazard and a possible fire hazard.
  • Bark stripping: trees with prominent bark stripping around their base could potentially rot

We recommend that you contact Winton Squirrel Trapping immediately if you find grey squirrels on your propertyWinton Squirrel Control causing damage. Besides chewing wires and damaging roofs, rodents may carry diseases that are harmful to humans and animals. Furthermore, grey squirrels can strip bark from trees, causing them to weaken and be more vulnerable to wind damage. Also, they are known to cause fires on houses by chewing through the electrical wiring, which can start a fire in the attic that spreads throughout the rest of the house. Nobody wants to lose everything in their home and possessions simply because they turned a blind eye to squirrels they've noticed because they didn't know how dangerous they were.

When do squirrels breed

Most breeding takes place between February and May. Two to six young will be born after a 44-day gestation period. In approximately eight weeks, kits will remain with their parents until they are ready to find a territory. Squirrels can build nests made of leaves, bark, and twigs in tree cavities and tree cavities but often prefer the comfort of inside your home due to a safe haven from predators.

Did you know they spread Lyme disease? 

Winton Squirrel ControlLyme disease can be transmitted to your pet by ticks carried by grey squirrels. Lethargy and fever are symptoms of this disease, and if left untreated, they may result in long-term damage. When contracted, these diseases are severe, even though they are not common in the UK. The weak immune systems of children make them particularly susceptible to contracting tularemia. It is crucial for the health of your family. Squirrels need to be exterminated, and Winton Squirrel Trapping can handle the job.

To keep these furry little pests away from your home, you should take specific steps for squirrel control. First, avoid feeding them at all costs. You will be inviting the squirrels to keep returning to your house if you leave food for them. When the little guys see food or water left out, they will move to areas where they are more likely to find it, but they will take some time to get discouraged and give up.

 Squirrel control can be challenging, but we have the solution for you. Winton Squirrel Trapping is a superb choice for squirrel trapping with over 15 years of experience in wildlife management. With Winton Squirrel Trapping, your home or business will be free of those unwanted rodents such asWinton Squirrel Control treatment squirrels that are causing mischief. In addition, we can offer trapping, removal, and prevention tips as part of our comprehensive range of services to prevent this from happening again. Finally, we would like to say that you are more than welcome to contact us if you have any queries about our services or if you are experiencing a rodent problem. One of our team members would be happy to assist you in any way possible.