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Are Squirrels Causing You Problems

Suppose your property is infested with squirrels. You likely have a grey squirrel problem. Typically grey squirrels are theWingates Squirrel Control treatment most common squirrel in the UK, and they can cause a lot of damage to your property. They can strip the bark off of trees, dig holes in your premises, and even enter your home and chew on wires. Wingates Squirrel Trapping should be contacted immediately if you have squirrel problems. We offer safe and effective squirrel removal services to help get rid of these pests for good!

Grey squirrels are a pest to have on your property. They will chew wood structures, eat gardens and crops, and carry rabies which is dangerous for humans. However, the most frightening danger caused by squirrels is that they are known to cause fires due to them gnawing on electrical wires. If you have a grey squirrel problem, it is best to call squirrel control. When squirrels live in or near your home, they can cause damage to siding, fascia boards and gutters. In addition, squirrels will chew on tree branches, vents and other structural components of buildings. They also bring nesting materials inside the building, which can cause blockages in ventilation systems.

Description and behavioural habits

Wingates Squirrel Control treatmentSquirrels are small, bushy-tailed rodents that are found throughout the United Kingdom. They are common in rural and urban areas and can be identified by their grey or brown fur, white belly and characteristic bushy tail.

Grey squirrels typically nest in tree cavities, but they can also build nests in attics, garages and other structures. They use natural materials such as leaves, twigs and bark to build their nests and often bring in soft materials such as feathers, cloth and paper to line the nest. Nests can be pretty significant and can contain up to 12 young squirrels. Soon enough, all of them will be able to gnaw on things causing you more headaches. 

The reason they gnaw on things is that their front teeth neverWingates Squirrel Control treatment stop growing, so there is always a need to file them down, and many people do not realize that they chew on wood and wires to file their teeth down. A squirrel can file down one tooth in as many as four hours! That means the entire day is focused on filing their teeth instead of doing other productive activities like gathering food or resting. When it comes time to sleep, the squirrel goes into hyperdrive and begins digging frantically, searching for materials for its nest.

When do they reproduce

In the spring and fall, squirrels are most likely to breed. The female squirrel will have two to six young per litter and nurse them for eight weeks. Young squirrels are weaned at about 12 weeks old but will stay with their mothers until they are 16 weeks old. Squirrels reach sexual maturity at about six months old. And the young will spend about 12 weeks with their mother 

Squirrels are generally considered nuisance animals, as they can cause damage to property and crops. In addition, squirrels can carry diseases such as Typhus, transmitted to humans and other animals. For these reasons, it is crucial to contact a professional wildlife removal service if you have a squirrel problem on your property.

A squirrel infestation may be a problem, so it is vital to choose Wingates Squirrel Controlexperts like Wingates Squirrel Pest Control. We offer squirrel trapping and will work diligently to remove the squirrels for you. Do not try to use DIY products- they may not be effective and could worsen the situation. Our staff can answer your questions about our services or help you schedule an appointment.