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Professional Help with Wigan Woodworm Treatment Options

Something Boring (Through) Your Furniture?

Here are some essential truths about the woodworm creepy crawly that may at this moment be boring through your furniture at home or work:

  • Woodworm larvaeWoodworm AKA Furniture Beetle
  • So nicknamed because of the make holes and tunnels in wood
  • 1.5 to 2mm in size
  • No strong preference in wood
  • Baseboards, rafters, attic, walls, and more
  • Structural damage possible

So it is imperative that you get us at Young's Pest Control on the line and coming to your home as soon as possible. Keep in mind that we offer service night and day with no additional charges based upon time. We have a 24-hour business to help you. Woodworm Treatment in Wigan is made simple, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Woodworm Season
Woodworm season can be any time that you see the worms, the holes, or evidence of the woodworm via dust piles (particles of wood below a tunnel). Woodworm eats what they are tunnelling into, that is where they keep their babies safe until they are adults at which time they will then tunnel out of the wood. woodworm treatment can be administered all year.

If You Have Disintegrating Wood

Young and adult woodworm feed on wood, so if you have furniture or other wood which is starting to fall apart, that can be a sign that it is time to call Young's Pest Control. We will come to check out your woodworm infestation and administer the appropriate woodworm treatment spray for your home or business. Much safer and cleaner than products you may buy which will waste your time and money and likely not get the job fully done - as we are qualified for the appropriate pesticide levels that consumer hardware stores cannot sell over the counter.

What We Will Look For

Woodborer, Oligomerus brunneus, extreme close-uptingThere are a few things which we will search for when attempting to figure out whether you have a woodworm infestation issue. The principal is what is now and then known as 'boreholes' or tunnels. These are passages made by the woodworm right through the wood. Next, we'll search for frail and damaged floorboards and other structural damages. Once we are done thoroughly checking for eggs, larvae, damage and adult woodworm we will give you our options and conduct a safe and effective woodworm treatment spray. Additionally, we will help you prevent it from returning.

At Young's Pest Control Services we offer an extensive variety of items to make your woodworm nightmare into a forgotten bad dream.

Damage From DIY

You can damage your valued furniture using woodworm treatment furniture spray. The best way to avoid this is by getting Young's Pest Control to do a woodworm removal treatment for you. We've been taught how to do so to minimize all risks of damage, health hazard, and with a view toward making sure the woodworm stay gone.