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Whitefield Woodworm Treatment Specialists

Woodworm control is important

Woodworm can cause damage to your house. The stages that woodworm can move through over a lifecycle may mean that householders underestimate the real problems of woodworm but they should not be complacent.

The stages of a woodworm’s life

Woodworm larvaeWoodworm moves through different stages as they age going from the egg stage through to being lava, pupa and finally an adult beetle. In each stage of a woodworm infestation, they cause damage to your house, but in the lava stage, they can burrow through wood and cause substantial damage. They will need to be treated with woodworm treatment spray to prevent further woodworm infestation. Woodworm treatment furniture products should also be used.

The risks of woodworm

Woodworms can present a variety of risks to your home which require treatment for woodworm removal:-
-They can cause unsightly holes to appear in your furniture and in other wooden items that can cause damage to occur and to build up over time. These can only be prevented with Whitefield Woodworm Treatment furniture products.
-They can weaken major structural components of your house, leading to a variety of problems which will obviously need to be rectified. Treatment for woodworm removal is always needed.
-As damage is cumulative and may build up over a number of years, there is a danger that the woodworm might add to previous damage over their generations.
-Woodworm becomes increasingly difficult to treat and so you should act quickly to make sure that you mitigate against this problem quickly. An expert should treat the infestation with woodworm treatment spray.

The importance of pest control

In the event of a woodworm infestation, or any other type of pest problem, it is very important that the pest is treated quickly and rapidly. At Young’s pest control we can offer you the very best in the pest control treatment.

What we offer

Woodborer, Oligomerus brunneus, extreme close-uptingOur service is the premier pest control service in the country:-
- We provide a quick service and come straight to your home to advise you on treatment.
- For commercial customers, we offer a fully extensive service that guarantees that the pest will be removed, allowing you to conduct full continuity of business operations.
- There is no need to worry about hazardous insecticides as all of our processes are conducted with safety in mind. We will provide you with full and comprehensive advice if there is a need for you to avoid certain areas.
- We take special care if there are animals (eg pets) or children in the household.

The reasons to choose us above the competition

Many customers return time and time again to use Young’s pest control service. This is because our service is fully comprehensive. As well as woodworm, we can deal with a wide variety of pests and make sure that your home is free of all threats from pests, whether these are wasps, woodworm or rodents. We are professionals, with experience of treating pests in all cases and in all circumstances. Our quotes are fully comprehensive and at Young’s, we will provide you with full advice on how we are to treat the pests in your home.