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Professional Whitefield Rat Control

Brown RatRats can be a real problem in many areas, affecting health, cleanliness and causing damage to items in the home. Like all pests, it is advisable that you use a professional pest control company to sort out rat infestations because professional companies have the appropriate experience, equipment and different types of pest control treatment to get rid of rats quickly and safely. Conducting rat control is an unpleasant experience and is not for the faint of heart, so call in a professional who will do the job swiftly and with minimal fuss using rat traps and targetted pest control treatment which will prevent a recurrence of rats in your area.

Household intruder
It is imperative that you get rid of rats as soon as one is seen in the neighbourhood. They are a common household intruder, managing to enter a home in search of food, water and shelter. Rats can chew through telephone wires, cables and piping, causing damage which needs to be rectified for daily life. Imagine not being able to make a phone call simply because the phone line has been eaten through.

The cost of rats
Even if you have just seen one rat in the area, it is highly likely that there are others as rats tend to live in groups. They feed off food left in bin bags in the street and carry food remains to drains which soon become clogged, causing further health risks and cost.

Signs of rats
Rat Control Treatment and Removal Service in Whitefield is necessary when you see signs of rats which include the sounds of rats squeaking or scurrying in the loft, nests in the attic, small piles of food, unusual dirt or grease marks on floorboards and cabinets, dried yellow or blue urine marks around the home and droppings around the home.

Health hazards
ratA rat infestation is a hazard to you and your family's health. Rats' droppings carry bacteria which is known to cause Weil's disease and Pasteurellosis. One bite from a rat can leave you, your children or pets seriously ill. Because of their need to scavenge, rats feed on food left lying around – even when in sealed containers. Rats can easily chew through plastic containers meaning that any food inside becomes contaminated very quickly. rat control as soon as you see one is the simplest solution to prevent food contamination and keep your family safe. Call us today to protect your home and family.