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Professional Whitefield Mole Trapping

Moles are known to live under the ground in holes and due to their withdrawn and nocturnal nature, humans do not usually interact with them. Not a lot is known about moles, mainly because they spend most of their time underground. There are believed to be around thirty different types of moles in Europe at the present time, although it is possible that there are more that have yet to be classified. Despite their small size, moles can be rather vicious if they are cornered, so people who find a mole on their property should seek assistance from a pest control expert.

Full size moleThe Common Mole
The species of mole that is most common in Europe is known as the Talpa europaea. This type of mole lives on a diet of worms and other types of insects and lives underground, often digging long tunnels from its main hole to the surface of the ground. Moles are constantly enlarging their underground homes, resulting in the earth to be piled up on the surface.

The Need for Mole Control
Although some people may find the appearance of the common mole to be rather cute and inoffensive, they can cause serious damage to gardens and even attack family pets such as dogs and cats. Moles have been known to eat dog and cat food, and a family pet who finds a mole eating its food is likely to get into a fight with the animal. In addition, the holes that moles create to let air into their underground dwelling can be dangerous, especially if you have small children running around, which makes Mole Trapping in Whitefield is essential.

How to Recognise That You Need Mole Pest Control
Mole mound
The following are signs of moles in your garden:

• Piles of dirt that resemble small volcanoes
• Plants and flowers that have been dug up
• Missing dog or cat food from bowls that have been left outside

How Mole Trapping is Done
Special mole traps are placed by a pest control expert is places where molehills can be seen. The professional will open these molehills with a trowel and place the mole trap inside the run that leads from the molehill into the mole’s home. After the molehill has been sealed with dirt the mole will enter the trap and it will be discretely removed from your property.

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