Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Whitefield BumbleBee Control

Tree Bumble BeeTree bumblebees are categorized as social insects. In other words, they work together and live in a colony. They are also very protective of their nests, especially against human intruders, making them a danger to those close to their home. You may stumble upon their nest unawares and risk being stung. Since no one wants to sacrifice their freedom of movement at the expense of living with the bees, the best move is to call bumblebee control experts to help in their removal. The good news is that the services of Young’s bumblebee removal experts are always readily available and the job can be done safely.

Why you need to call Young’s pest control
1. The experts know common nest locations

Young’s pest control professionals understand more about bumble bees and their common nesting locations. From birdhouses to rodent holes, their expertise in identifying these nests is complemented with the ability to remove them safely. In as much as bumble bee nests are built on a temporary basis and may not affect your masonry, there is the inherent danger of stings and the annoying noise from the bees. Therefore, you don’t have to wait for the bees to abandon their nest before resuming your normal life. Instead, you should call Young’s bumblebee control experts to rid the bees from your compound.

2. Young’s has the equipment needed to relocate the nest

Knowing the locations of the nest is just the first step; the team of experts has the skills and expertise, on top to the equipment, needed to safely relocate the nest. As alluded earlier, Bumblebee Nest Removal in whitefield does not only mean destroying the nests. There are times when the goal is to relocate it to another area (preferably more than 2 kilometres away from your home).

3. The main aim is to meet your demands

Bumble Bee In most cases, the process is carried out when the bees are inactive, often at nightfall and wearing personal protective equipment. As a professional company, Young’s experts work by your demands; they can either relocate the nest or destroy it depending with what you want. Since tree bumblebees are less aggressive and can only sting on substantial provocation, you can be advised on how to live with them until they move on their own. All you need to do is call Young’s 24-hour line and let them serve you.