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Are Squirrels Causing You Problems

If you have grey squirrels on your property in the UK, it is essential to know their dangers. There is no doubt that greyWhalley Range Grey Squirrel control squirrels can cause significant damage to your property. Another good reason for squirrel removal is health risks. Squirrel droppings, in particular, can carry several diseases such as leptospirosis, salmonella poisoning and Q-fever, which is a respiratory infection. It is even possible for them to pose a threat to humans and pets. If you have problems with grey squirrels on your property, it is essential to contact Whalley Range Squirrel Trapping for professional help. We offer safe and effective solutions for dealing with grey squirrels, and we will work hard to ensure that they are removed from your property quickly and efficiently with our expert squirrel control techniques.

Where do squirrels nest?

Whalley Range Squirrel Control treatmentSquirrels typically nest in tree cavities, but they will also build nests in the attics of houses and other buildings. Grey squirrels build nests from leaves, twigs, and other debris found in the woods. What are the habits of squirrels? Depending on their species, squirrels are active during the day or night. They sleep in their nests to protect themselves from the cold during the winter months. They also build up fat reserves by eating and storing acorns during winter.

Why do grey squirrels cause damage to properties?

Grey squirrels have a lot of energy for foraging for food. If they have decided that you have a lovely garden, then your flower beds will often be visited by rodents looking for grubs and sometimes worms that can destroy your carefully planted flowers. The damages caused by grey squirrels are not limited to digging up gardens; trees can be damaged as well when grey squirrels make nest cavities or gnaw on tree bark.

Why do squirrels continuously gnaw on things?

 While it's thought that they do it for a few reasons, the mostWhalley Range Squirrel Control treatment common cause is that they're trying to reduce tooth wear, as squirrels have constantly growing teeth. Another possibility is that they're trying to remove scent markings from their territory or that they're looking for food.

Squirrels can gnaw through electric wiring, which can cause fires. It's important to contact a professional squirrel control company like Whalley Range Squirrel Pest Control if you have grey squirrels on your property, as they can help prevent damages and potential fires. Getting Rid Of Squirrels should be your priority.

The main reason people ignore having squirrels in and around the property is that they're cute. Still, it's also important to remember that if grey squirrels get into your roofing or attic space, they can damage your roof significantly. These damages could include gnawed wires, chewed up wood and even faecal matter (which can lead to disease).

Squirrels are very industrious in lining their nests with soft materials like cloth to make them comfortable for the babies. Grey squirrels can breed two to three times a year and give birth to six young per litter. This means that the population of grey squirrels can quickly grow, and they can cause extensive damage to your property. Therefore, it is crucial to contact Whalley Range Squirrel Trapping if you notice squirrels on your property, as they will be able to help remove them and prevent any further damage.

Whalley Range Squirrel ControlThere are many reasons why Whalley Range Squirrel Pest Control is the best choice for your pest control needs. Still, it's important to remember that DIY products aren't a good idea to keep rodents like squirrels away from your property. So contact our team today to prevent these types of problems from happening to your property!