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Tyldesley Woodworm Treatment and Recognition

Woodworm holes that are bored in the wood are often due to the young of beetles that feed insatiably on the timber. Wider holes on the surface of the wood are created when the larger adult beetles eventually come out of the timber to reproduce.

In the United Kingdom, there are numerous species of woodworm; therefore, the exact strategy of treatment will be dictated by which species are destroying the timber.

Common Furniture Beetle
Woodborer, Oligomerus brunneus, extreme close-upting
The most common beetle found in the UK is the Common Furniture Beetle. This beetle is commonly found destroying all types of woods, building timbers, joists and floorboards. Moreover, it is also known to attack all types of furniture and needs to removed by professionals. A woodworm infestation of this nature needs to deal with effectively, as the problem may persist and return. Tyldesley woodworm treatment for furniture is one of the services that we offer and we make sure it is done promptly.

This species of woodworm is distinguishable from other species by the circular holes that it creates on the surface of the wood. These holes can measure up to 2mm in diameter. Bore-dust is also left behind and this is more recognisable as lemon-like discs if seen under a microscope. The dust also possesses a gritty texture when massaged in between the fingertips.

An adult beetle of this species can grow to 5mm. Adults have a uniquely shaped thorax, which looks like a monk's hood that masks the beetle's head. Specified Tyldesley woodworm treatment spray can be used for this woodworm and can be extremely effective if administered properly.

Adult Woodworm Beetle
Treatment for this particular species is relatively straightforward. All structurally damaged wood should be removed immediately and replaced with treated wood. We make sure that we treat all infested timber with Tyldesley Woodworm Treatment to ensure the best results. This treatment for woodworm removal is applied by using a brush or spray.

Other Species of Woodworm
Woodworm larvae
Other species of woodworm within the UK are the Deathwatch Beetle, Powderpost Beetle and the House Longhorn Beetle. Importantly, treatments for the House Longhorn and the Deathwatch are more comprehensive and is often dealt with in a different way. Specific Tyldesley woodworm treatment spray and treatment for woodworm removal must be applied if the infestation of these two species is to be stopped. However, the Powderpost beetle can be dealt in the same way at the Common Furniture Beetle and treatment is relatively simple.

Interestingly, the House Longhorn can cause serious damage to timber because its young are comparably larger than that of other species. This means that the holes are considerably wider and the structural integrity of timber can be compromised if the woodworm infestation is left untreated.

Services Provided by Young's Pest Control
Here at Young's Pest Control, we will conduct an initial survey, so that we can establish the species that needs treating. It will also help us decide what course of action is needed. We will also make a decision on which timbers need removing and replacing.

Therefore, if you suspect a woodworm infestation in your property, then why not give us a call? A dedicated member of our team will be able to guide you through the services we offer.

We are experts in administering Tyldesley woodworm treatment spray and woodworm treatment furniture techniques. Woodworm infestations within a property can be devastating and we aim to eradicate a problem efficiently for every job undertaken.