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Why We Recommend Natural Tyldesley Mole Trapping and Control

Some people use Rodenticide-based mole control products to get rid of moles, but at Young’s Pest Control, our Tyldesley mole trapping and control service involves the laying of mole traps. There are several reasons why we have chosen this approach.

Mole in a molehill1. There are many products available online and in garden stores, but you should never attempt to use them because there is a lot of misinformation about them. Most of these products are useless. Using poor quality mole pest control products means you will waste your money and time.

2. There is a risk of damage to your lawn if you use some of the products advertised online and available in garden stores. The damage could be greater than that already caused by moles. Using ineffective products also means moles will have more time to damage your lawn.

3. With our Tyldesley mole trapping service, you will see evidence in the form of moles killed or caught. It is difficult to determine if the extermination has been effective with some of the products being advertised.

4. If you care about the environment, Tyldesley mole trapping is the way to go because there is no use of hazardous Rodenticides. These Rodenticides, when it rains, could end up contaminating your water supply. You should avoid the use of these Rodenticides if you plant veggies and other plants on your garden to prevent contamination of your food supply. There is always a risk of these products lingering in your soil for a long time.

5. Rodenticide-based mole control products prevent you from enjoying time outdoors for a considerable time after the spraying. It is particularly important that you avoid such products if you have kids and pets around.

Full size mole6. A mole trap is one of the most humane ways of getting rid of moles because the trap will cause instant death. Some Rodenticide-based products lead to a slow death because they work by suffocating the mole. If you do not want to kill the moles, we have trap-and-release traps in our arsenal. Note that even some Rodenticides that were thought to be safe several years back have now been proven to be indeed harmful. Do not take the chance with your lawn.

7. The use of some Rodenticide-based products requires regulatory approval from the relevant local authority, but not so for mole traps. You will, also, not have to deal with resistance to pesticides when you go for our Tyldesley mole trapping service.