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Are Squirrels Causing You Problems

If you have grey squirrels on your property in the UK, it is crucial to take action immediately. It is dangerous to humansTrafford Park Squirrel Control treatment Grey Squirrel control and pets to have these furry creatures living on your property. Additionally, they can be a significant nuisance to your home and garden. Grey squirrel trapping is the best way to remove these animals from your property, and the professionals at Trafford Park Squirrel Trapping can help you get rid of them quickly and safely. Unfortunately, grey squirrels pose several common problems. We can help you with these problems by trapping grey squirrels.

Grey Squirrel Damage to Property

Not only are grey squirrels known to be carriers of dangerous diseases, but they can also cause much damage around your home. Grey squirrels typically chew on wood, including trees, garden furniture, wood siding and even wall insulation, to name a few. They also gnaw on electrical wiring and piping, causing a significant amount of damage to your property that must be repaired by a professional. Their worst trait is chewing through electric cables, telephone wires and even ethernet cable, which is dangerous. This could cause fires, and you could lose everything you worked so hard for!

Trafford Park Squirrel Control treatmentIf you have a bird feeder that hangs from a tree branch, a grey squirrel will climb the tree to access the food inside. Unfortunately, they may also chew through the branch to access the food, which may cause the branch to snap and fall into your house. Another problem with grey squirrels is that they can be very noisy animals looking for their next meal. This means that they communicate with one another, chattering loudly and making many other noises that could keep you up.

A Squirrels Diet and Nesting Habits

Squirrels are rodents known to live in trees and eat nuts, seeds, fruits, and other plants. But they are now more commonly found nesting within homes, and they build their nests in the roof, attic, or behind walls. Squirrels are known to cause damage to homes, especially when they decide to stay in areas where there is a food source available and if they feel warm and safe from predators. They also eat insects and small animals. Squirrels steal food from other squirrels or collect it from the ground where others have stored food for scarce times.

The Breeding Cycle

The grey squirrels females breeding cycle is very interesting.Trafford Park Squirrel Control treatment The female squirrel will mate with the male squirrel in the late winter or early spring. The gestation period for a grey squirrel is about 44 days. The female squirrel will have 2-5 babies in the late spring or early summer. The babies will stay with their mothers until they are about three months old. When the babies are about three months old, they will leave their mother to go out independently.

Grey Squirrel Description

The grey squirrel is a brownish-grey colour. They have a black stripe that goes down their back. They have white stripes on their tail. They are about 16-20 inches long. They weigh about 2-4 pounds. The easiest way to identify a grey squirrel is by its colour and the black stripe on its back.

Trafford Park Squirrel Control treatment Squirrel Control treatmentIf you're dealing with a squirrel infestation, it's vital to choose experts like Trafford Park Squirrel Pest Control right away. Additionally, they help to reduce any damage done by squirrels by removing them quickly and effectively. DIY products may seem tempting, but they often don't work and worsen the problem. So if you're facing a squirrel invasion, don't wait - contact Trafford Park Squirrel Trapping today!