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Swinton Bed Bug Treatment Professionals

This Needn't Mean The End of Your Bed!

bedbugSwinton bed bug treatment is just another one of the many services offered by Young's Pest Control.

You may naturally assume that bed bugs have been attracted to your home because it is dirty; this is not necessarily the case. In fact, the most common cause for needing Swinton bed bug control is because they have been transferred in on second-hand furniture.

How to Spot Bed Bugs

An adult bed bug will typically be a small (around a quarter of an inch long) brown oval shape, and is wingless, meaning it 'scurries' rather than jumps. They are nocturnal as their main food source is human blood. As we sleep and move less, we provide an ideal blood meal for the bugs which will come out, feed for two to five minutes, then promptly return to their hiding place.

Signs that you may need Swinton bed bug treatment also include quite prominent, visible bites on you, your family or your pets' skin; bugs like to feed on animals as well as humans. These bites will turn red after several days.

Another more obvious sign is the presence of dead bed bugs; these may be red if they have been crushed just after feeding.

What Can They Do?

As well as make bedtime a miserable affair, bed bugs will bite and feed on humans, carrying the risk of blood-borne infection in animals, and meaning embarrassing and itchy red marks on human victims. They can lay dormant for a long time, meaning that you may leave the affected furniture for months, but still, be harbouring the pests.

What Can Be Done?

Bed BugThere are many professional methods of Swinton bed bug treatment; however, there are very few DIY methods that prove ineffective, save for throwing out the infested furniture. However, this is very drastic and can be avoided with bed bug fumigation by professionals.

Young's Pest Control will be able to advise on the affected areas and provide a bespoke bed bug removal service based on the nature of the infestation. It may not even require bed bug fumigation; our experts will decide on the least invasive, yet most effective treatment for the problem.

For hotels and commercial premises, we are able to provide a low key service with unmarked vans; perfect for avoiding embarrassment and losing guests.

For Swinton bed bug treatment, Young's should the first company that you ring; we can take care of the problem from start to finish.