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Are Squirrels Causing You Problems

Though they may seem cute and harmless, grey squirrels are causing a lot of damage to homes in the UK. This is becauseStrines Squirrel Control treatment they love to chew on electrical wires, which can cause fires. The only way to stop this from happening is by hiring a professional squirrel trapping service like Strines Squirrel Trapping. Squirrels are rodents commonly found in the northern hemisphere, such as the UK. They weigh between 0.5-6 kilos and can be up to 30 centimetres long from head to tail. Their tails tend to be furry and slim compared to their North American species. Depending on where they're located, some species prefer trees. In contrast, others may take residence in human homes or buildings instead. Not only that, but because of their small size and agility, they can fit into tiny areas that other animals couldn't get through, like pipes, vents and empty spaces under floors/roofs (if it's not insulated correctly).

The damage they cause

Grey squirrels can enter homes in a variety of ways, including chewing through roofs, attic vents, or wall cavities. They may Strines Squirrel Control treatmentalso enter through open doors or windows. Once inside, they can cause significant damage by gnawing on wires, plumbing, and other home fixtures. They are even a fire hazard as they chew on electric cables that could start a fire in your home. Pests can also spread disease and contaminate food. For these reasons, it is vital to hire a professional squirrel control service like Strines Squirrel Pest Control to remove grey squirrels from your home.

Signs of an infestation

If you think you may have a squirrel infestation in your home, there are a few ways to determine if this is the case. One way is to look for signs of squirrel activity, such as chewed wires or wood, nests, or droppings. You can also listen for scratching or gnawing sounds coming from the attic, eaves, or walls of your home.

The breeding cycle

The breed cycle of grey squirrels is interesting. It is believedStrines Squirrel Control treatment Grey Squirrel control that grey squirrels reproduce twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. The gestation period for a grey squirrel is about 44 days. A litter of typically 2-4 young are born. Young squirrels remain with their mothers for about eight weeks. Then they are ready to start breeding and reproducing from 10 months, adding to your infestation as time passes. The lifespan of a squirrel is typically 1-3 years, so it is essential to know what the next steps are in order to keep your home and yard safe from these pesky rodents.

Most of us want to believe that having a well-kept lawn and making sure the exterior of our homes stays pest-free will be enough to prevent squirrel infestation from occurring. The truth is, none of these measures will be effective. First off, grey squirrels can jump about 10 feet horizontally and 5 feet vertically. They also have excellent climbing skills, which make them formidable foes when you find out they run up trees and along high ledges around your home.

If you are experiencing a squirrel infestation, it is vital to take care of the problem as soon as possible. Do not try to deal with the situation on your own by using DIY products – this could lead to further damage and more severe problems Strines Squirrel Control treatmentdown the road. Instead, trust in the experts at Strines Squirrel Pest Control who have years of experience dealing with these types of pests. We can help take care of your squirrel infestation quickly and efficiently so that you can get back to living life as usual. Our Experts at Strines Squirrel Trapping have years of training and experience to assist in getting rid of squirrels.