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Professional Stretford Woodworm Treatment

Woodworm damage is the work of certain types of beetle larvae. These larvae bore into wooden furniture, fixtures and structural elements, eating the wood as they go. A woodworm infestation isn't just unsightly — the boreholes on the surface are only the most visible symptom. Underneath, the structure of the wood is being attacked and weakened. Prompt attention can stop the infestation in its tracks, preventing further damage. If you suspect woodworm, contact Young's Pest Control right away.

Woodworm: the signs
• Exit holes
These are very small round holes, typically no more than two millimetres (1/16th of an inch) in diameter. Unlike nail holes or holes left by pins and tacks, the edges will be sharp and fresh-looking.

• Frass (bore dust)
Powdery dust may collect below the affected woodwork or furniture.

• Galleries
When the damaged wood is cut or pulled away, you can sometimes see the tunnels made by woodworm. These are known as galleries.

Woodworm larvae• Crumbling, damaged timber
Advanced woodworm infestations can cause timbers to break and crumble, particularly at the ends and corners.

• Pupae, larvae and adult beetles
The larvae themselves are small maggot-like creatures, which pupate before emerging as adult beetles. Live adult beetles emerge from damaged timbers between the months of May and October. Dead beetles may be found at other times of the year. (The beetle's eggs will also be present, but these are hard to spot with the naked eye.)

Professional care
It may be tempting to try and deal with the problem yourself. There are plenty of Stretford woodworm treatments on the market, often advertised as "professional woodworm removal treatment spray". A DIY treatment for woodworm removal is a bad idea for the following reasons:

• There's more than one type of woodworm.
The term "woodworm" can cover several different insects. The Stretford woodworm treatment for furniture dealers use to tackle the Common Furniture Beetle won't be effective against Death Watch Beetle in the roof joists, for instance. An experienced professional will be able to tell which species is present and select the appropriate Stretford woodworm treatment.

• Treatments need to be applied properly
Stretford woodworm treatment spray and other remedies aren't effective unless they're applied correctly. The insecticides they contain can also be dangerous in untrained hands. As well as identifying the most appropriate remedy, a pest control professional will know how to apply it safely and effectively.

Woodborer, Oligomerus brunneus, extreme close-upting• You may underestimate the infestation.
It may look as if the woodworm infestation is confined to a chair or table, but when considering Stretford woodworm treatment your furniture is often the least of your worries. If the infestation has spread to the timbers of your home, it could cause serious structural problems. You need an expert eye to assess the degree to which your property is affected.

• Other problems may be missed.
It's common for woodworm to be associated with other problems, such as rising damp, excessive moisture, and wet or dry rot. A professional can spot these in the early stages.

If you're concerned about woodworm or other pests, contact Young's Pest Control today.