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Professional Stretford Mole Trapping

Problems with moles?
Mole moundYou do not have to own a farm or another, similarly sized stretch of land to be concerned about moles and the damage that they can cause. Moles can also be a troublesome pest in an ordinary garden: as well as leaving unsightly molehills across your lawn, they are prone to turning your garden into a grid of crisscrossing tunnels which are not visible from the surface, but which can badly damage any plants that you are growing. In extreme cases, mole infestation can even cause your lawn to collapse - a potentially disastrous occurrence.

What to do if you need mole pest control
First things first: if you find that your lawn is having trouble with moles, then do not attempt to solve the problem yourself. Although shop-bought mole control products are available, they should never be used without professional training; unless you hire qualified pest control experts for the job, then you may end up doing even more damage to your lawn.

Young's Pest Control is a company that specialises in exterminating a wide number of different pests, including moles. Our staff is fully trained in all aspects of Stretford mole trapping and control and will be your number one choice if you find moles in your land.

Our approach to mole control
Mole in a molehillWe offer a range of mole pest control methods for use depending on how severe your mole problem is:

* Trapping: Our staff know all about the ins and outs of Stretford mole trapping, and are fully equipped to catch moles if this will solve the problem.
* Gas extermination: In extreme circumstances, we can use a special gas that will poison the mole without harming your lawn.
* Repellent: In some cases, the moles can be driven out by using a repellent.

Why we are your top choice when it comes to Stretford mole trapping, repellent and extermination
Young's Pest Control is a company that consists of fully trained and knowledgeable experts in the field of pest control - and we have scores of satisfied customers to testify to this fact. So, if you require any information on your current mole problem, we will do our best to help you even before you commit to our services. Why not get in touch with us so that we can help you to find the mole control solution that is right for you?