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Stretford Honey Bee Nest Removal

The successful removal of honey bees is certainly no job for an amateur. As many people suffer from bee sting allergies, receiving a sting could trigger anaphylactic shock and could even result in death. For this reason, honey bee swarm removal should be attempted by professionals with the correct protective and collection equipment.

Benefits of removal

  • Honey Bee HiveHoney bee swarm removal is preferred to lethal honey bee control as honey bees play a vital part in the pollination of plants and trees and the production of our food.
  • The quickest way to remove bees is a bee vacuum. The swarm of bees is sucked up with a special vacuum which doesn't harm them. This is important as honey bees are also becoming endangered so unless they are posing an immediate health risk, they need to be removed humanely.
  • If the honey bee control specialist can remove the bees without killing them, they will be able to re-house the bees and enable them to continue their role as pollinators.

During Stretford honey bee nest removal, the bees will be likely to become far more agitated and you should keep your family and any pets out of the area to avoid them being stung. Removal of the nest is essential in circumstances where the bees have established themselves inside a cavity wall of your property, in a loft or other internal space.

The Stretford honey bee hive removal will usually involve the whole nest being removed and the bees will be re-homed.

Honey Bee swarm in treeIf the bees have established a hive in an inaccessible place, the bees will need to be killed. This type of Stretford honey bee nest removal is a last resort and involves using a insecticide spray or powder to coat the entrance to the nest so any returning bees will carry the poison into the nest and kill the whole colony. This treatment would need to be repeated after 2 to 3 weeks to ensure that any freshly emerging bee grubs are killed off.

Stretford honey bee nest removal is important for two main reasons.

  • The honey present inside of a honey bee hive can cause extensive damage to plasterboard and other surfaces as it can lead to the formation of damp. This would then necessitate expensive repairs to your property.
  • The decaying bees and nest can cause a very unpleasant odour inside of your property.