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Professional Stretford Grey Squirrel Control

The grey squirrel is not a native animal of the UK although since its introduction into the British countryside it has certainly shown that it likes the conditions. Numbers have continually grown over the years to the point where squirrel removal is required in many places to get rid of a pest that can be destructive to property. The animal can be aggressive when it defends itself, so Stretford grey squirrel control is best left to professionals that have experience of dealing with them. This is available at Young’s Pest Control, with our experts capable of clearing squirrels from in and around a property.

Squirrel Habitats

Grey squirrel close upGrey squirrels will naturally seek out areas of trees that will provide them with the nesting sites and the food they need to live. Unfortunately, they can find these in the urban areas of parks and gardens and this brings them close to properties. It does not take much of a gap for them to then find a way inside a building, with attic and loft spaces providing them with a warm and dry space to live. It can be problematic if they do make their home inside a property and Stretford grey squirrel control will be needed to get them out.

Squirrel Problems

Grey squirrel pestWhile it only takes a small gap for a squirrel to gain entry, their strong teeth are capable of widening this to make it easier for them to get in. This can cause damage to the roof and walls of a property and the longer squirrels are there, the more destruction that can occur. They require soft material for their nest and can rip at loft insulation to get this. They can also be curious and investigate other features such as wiring and cables. If they chew through these, it is a fire hazard for a start although can also cut off phone lines and electricity. Calling in our Stretford grey squirrel control team as early as possible is the best way to avoid extensive damage.

Dealing with Squirrels

Our Stretford grey squirrel control services can deal with this pest to clear it from a property. We can track down the ways they are gaining entry so that gaps and holes can be closed off, and also provide advice on suitable squirrel proofing measures to ensure they cannot return. Effective squirrel removal is only a phone call away, so if these common pests are causing problems just dial our number to have one of our qualified staff members pay a visit to your property.