Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Stretford BumbleBee Control Services

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During this time of the year, you will see many types of bees in the garden, each with their own unique habits. Tree bumblebees, for example, prefer to nest in trees and bird boxes, whilst honey bees will nest in most suitably vacated spaces. Because of this diversity in behaviour, there are many places that bees will nest that may become a nuisance, such as in garden sheds, up lofts and in roofs. This is a problem because, despite most bees not being naturally aggressive, approaching a nest will cause them to instinctively defend it from any perceived danger. This is where Young’s Pest Control comes in. With our Stretford bumblebee control service, we can safely remove any nest that may be causing a problem for you around your property.

Information on Bees

Native to the UK is around 250 species of bee. Of these, there are 24 types of bumblebee and one type of honey bee. The rest are solitary insects, as opposed to social, which is the category bumble bees and honey bees fall into. These social bees will live in colonies, with some types, such as the honey bee, having hives that contain tens of thousands of bees. Bumblebee hives will contain considerably less, with most having no more than a thousand.

Protecting Yourself

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The honey bee is one of the most dangerous types of bee found in the UK, but they all have the common trait of protecting the hive if they think it’s under attack. This is why dealing with a hive yourself can put you in danger. Also, with tree bumblebees, it is often the case that their hives will be high up, such as in a roof or up to a tree. Without taking special precautions when reaching these hives, you could fall and hurt yourself. Our professionals are trained and have the necessary experienced in retrieving hard to reach nests to guarantee their safety.

The Services We Provide To You

If you’re experiencing a Stretford bumblebee control problem, then we are on hand to deal with it safely. Our experienced professional can offer services such as bumblebee removal. This involves removing the nest, which is the most effective way to solve a Stretford bumblebee control problem. If removing the nest is not possible, we have the very best insecticides that can effectively control numbers.