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Professional Stockport Mole Trapping and Control Services

If you needed a reason to hold moles accountable for your garden mess and get them taken care of promptly with Young's Pest Control Stockport mole trapping and mole pest control, here are eleven reasons.

  • Mole in a molehillAbility to work and sleep in four-hour shifts around the clock
  • Will upon occasion fight other moles to the death to preserve their solitary life
  • The tunnel just underneath the surface
  • Ugly grooves in your lawn where moles have burrowed
  • Holes for pets and people to trip in
  • Harm foundations of flowers, shrubs, vegetables and fruits in your garden
  • Attack pets and children (especially during mating season)
  • Must eat as much as their own body weight per day
  • The main diet is earthworms, leaving your lawn un-aerated by nature
  • Damage any cables
  • Damage pipes and other underground features


Long, with claws that slightly resemble gloves that have nails attached. Round body with a short tail (2 to 3 cm) and fur that covers eyes - furthering exasperating their ability to see. Generally dark or silver in colour and quite sleek. Perhaps in children's cartoons, they are appealing, but not so if you encounter one in real life - they thrive on solitary lives and may attack if they feel provoked.

When it is mating time, they will tunnel any distance to get to another mole. It is suggested that they may have a sort of bat-like radar to hear other moles and communicate with them, but this is not a known fact. What is a known fact is that their tunnels multiply fast as they constantly look for food? If you see a mole, you need Stockport mole trapping and control services today!

The Enforcers

Full size moleYoung's Pest Control offers mole control, Stockport mole trapping, and general mole pest control advice on a twenty-four-hour basis, seven days a week. Our unmarked van will come to your home and take care of the problem - no need for you to wait at home. Prepay using our online system and we can be taking care of the problem while you are doing other things. The products and hardware we use are designed with quality results and safety in mind, we know what you will need to have done and just how to do it right.