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Why You Should Hire a Professional for Stockport Grey Squirrel Control

When it comes to squirrel removal, there are so many options available to homeowners that they are usually spoilt of choice. There is a lot of information both on the internet and in hardware stores on how you can carry out your own Stockport grey squirrel control without the need of professionals. Thinking it a cheaper option, many homeowners have tried these do-it-yourself methods with varying degree of success. A vast majority, however, have been failures. Here are some of the reasons for this failure and why you should always hire professionals whenever you have a grey squirrels problem in your home.

  • Use of Pesticides

Grey squirrel on benchWhile highly ineffective, this is the method many homeowners prefer for Stockport grey squirrel control. There are many reasons why the use of pesticides for squirrel removal is ineffective. One, squirrels are very intelligent animals. Their sense of smell, vision and spatial memory are very powerful. They easily detect any changes in their environment such as new scents. Often, they move away from such places. Unfortunately, this movement is only temporary as they usually come back when they realize the danger has passed. Using pesticides has other disadvantages too. When pets like cats eat poisoned squirrels, they too can die. For this, among other reasons, Stockport grey squirrel control professionals don't use pesticides. They mostly use more effective and safer traps.

  • Grey Squirrel Trapping

Grey squirrel pestThis is the best method for squirrel pest control. Unfortunately, without specialized knowledge and skills, it is very hard to effectively use traps. There are many types of traps each with its own special circumstances for use. It is unlikely you will use them well if you have no background in Stockport grey squirrel control. Even though stores have generic traps that can be used anywhere, they also need specialised placement skills to be effective. For you to succeed in trapping squirrels, you need to place the traps in places often difficult to access like the top of trees and attic. Even if you manage to have such precise placements and succeed in trapping a squirrel, you will still have the problem of removing them. Stockport grey squirrel control professionals have the skills and experience necessary for safe and humane disposal of dead squirrels.

As shown here, while do-it-yourself methods are usually touted as cheap, they are rarely safe and effective. That is why it is important that you consult pest control professionals like Young's Pest Control for safe and effective squirrel removal.