Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Professional Stockport BumbleBee Control

About BumbleBees

Tree Bumble Bee Tree BumbleBee

Bumblebees are a common sight in early spring when they are some of the first insects to become active and start pollinating flowers. Britain has many species of bumblebee, most with the typical yellow and black striped markings, but recently a European species has started becoming more common. These tree bumblebees are distinguished by their ginger markings and lack of stripes and are more commonly a pest species because of their nesting habits and behaviour.

Hazards of Stockport BumbleBee Control

Bumblebees nest in many different places, and all bees will sting in defence of the queen and the hive. Tree bumblebees are a particular nuisance because they tend to nest in or around homes, and are very defensive and sensitive to vibrations. Many people notice them because they post sentries around the entrance to the nesting area - a bird box, vent or attic space - which are highly visible as they patrol the area. These nests can cause problems if they block up ventilation holes, create noise and mess in the attic or walls of a structure, and also because the bees will aggressively defend the nest. Anything that causes a vibration - such as opening or closing doors or using loud machinery - can trigger this behaviour, and they will come swarming out of the nest ready to sting.

Stockport bumblebee control usually means relocating the nest if possible or killing the bees with a insecticide treatment. Because bumblebees can nest in so many different sorts of places relocating the nest is not always possible, and the nest may be hard to reach, creating a risk of injury from falling off a ladder or other structure. Regardless of the treatment, approaching and handling a Stockport bumble bee nest means risking a sting, and for some people, this means risking a life-threatening allergic reaction.

Benefits of Professional Stockport BumbleBee control

Bumble Bee BumbleBee

Young's Pest Control has experienced staff knowledgeable about Stockport bumblebee removal techniques. Staff are trained in the safe use and handling of insecticides, and also have access to better insecticides and better safety clothing than the average person. They are also experienced working from heights and know how to handle the bee nest as safely as possible.

Combined with Young's 24-hour availability, great prices and emergency service options, these features make fast, effective Stockport bumblebee removal easier than ever.