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The Truth About Standish Cockroach Control Treatment

Pests are a big problem both in homes and business premises. Currently, the cockroach is one of the harmful insects that most UK households find very disgusting. This is not only because of their sickening appearance but also because they can carry disease-causing organisms into the home.

One fact about Standish cockroach control is that is should be done as soon as an infestation has been detected. At the same time, cockroach treatment is a complex process that can only be done perfectly by an expert. A pest control company will search the whole home for possible cockroach dens so that even the most concealed breeding areas are treated.

Cockroach Species

There are numerous cockroach species across the globe. Apart from the Oriental cockroach and the German cockroach, other species are not very common in the UK. In fact, the most common cockroach species in the UK is the German cockroach. Some universal facts regarding this cockroach species are listed below.

  • German CockroachThey thrive best in humid and warm environments
  • The adult is smaller than the Oriental cockroach (10-15 mm long)
  • They are yellowish brown in colour
  • They can easily climb up smooth surfaces
  • They are mostly nocturnal

Habitat and Feeding Traditions

Cockroaches can live in almost all types of buildings including hotels. However, they prefer living close to food preparation areas such as the kitchen so that they can easily access food. In fact, dirty kitchens can really attract cockroaches since they like feasting on food spills. For proper Standish cockroach control, therefore, you have to maintain acceptable hygiene in the home.

Cockroaches can feed on almost anything that they come across. They visit very dirty environments while looking for food making them perfect carriers of food poisoning organisms. Moreover, their droppings can also contaminate the food that is intended for human consumption. This is why you should make Standish cockroach control your priority in case you are unlucky enough to have these pests in your property.

Dead cockroachesBecause of the dirty environments that cockroaches visit, they can easily transfer disease-causing organisms to food and food preparation surfaces. These pests have been known to spread a number of dangerous diseases including dysentery, typhoid and polio.

Reliable Cockroach Removal Service

The only good news is that modern Standish cockroach control methods are very effective. Instead of spending your money on over the counter pesticides, call Young’s Pest Control for a complete cockroach treatment service. Our pest treatment methods will destroy the lifecycle of these pests such that you will never worry about their reappearance in your home.