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Standish Bed Bug Treatment

Key Facts About The Bed Bug

The adult Bed bug is about 4 to 5mm in size making it similar to the size of an apple seed. Their size means that they are able to hide almost anywhere from cracks in floorboards to spaces in your laptop case.

Bed Bug Control - The Hitchhikers

bedbugBed bugs are well known for being able to hitchhike and go almost anywhere, including your office and or your car so it is not a matter of how clean your home is, if they turn up you will need bed bug removal as well as Standish bed bug treatment to help ensure that you get rid of them and that they stay gone.

Female bed bugs can lay up to 50 eggs at a time, that means what starts as one female can quickly become an infestation - another reason you really will need Standish bed bug treatment.

Did you know the adult bed bug can go one year without feeding?

They could be in your home hidden away and laying up to 200 eggs before you even know they are there. Using the same vacuum cleaner for multiple rooms can help them spread while you are unaware.

How To Spot Them

There are a couple of ways in which you could spot bed bugs. The first is to look for dark reddish brown blood spots, this the bed bugs faecal dropping and is a sure sign that they are present and that you need bed bug fumigation or other kinds of bed bug control. Secondly, you can also spot them by looking for the dead bodies or the skins they leave behind. This and the faecal matter mean that you-you need to call a professional service like us to ensure that you get the right kind of Standish bed bug treatment.

Bed BugWhere am I likely to find them?

That question is one that is commonly asked and the answer is almost anywhere, they are however more likely to stick close to their food source so places like folds in mattress and bedding is a good place to look for them. Remember just because you only see one or two of them does not mean that there are not hundreds more of them hiding in cracks somewhere so it is always best to use bed bug fumigation or some other form of Standish bed bug treatment or bed bug removal.

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