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Are Squirrels Causing You Problems

Squirrels are cute, furry animals that many people enjoy watching. But when they start to cause damage to your Slattocks Squirrel Control treatment Squirrel Control treatmentproperty, it's time to get rid of them. They're a nuisance for homeowners and can be dangerous for kids and pets if there is easy access from the house. Grey squirrels, in particular, are known to chew through plastic cables, destroy insulation in attics or walls, pull up plants and eat garden fruit, dig holes in lawns that let water seep into the soil damaging the grass and other plants, causing erosion. All their antics are just the tip of the iceberg! So if you have grey squirrels on your property, don't wait until they create more problems - contact Slattocks Squirrel Trapping exterminators for assistance.

Fire Hazard

The most common risk of having grey squirrels on your property in the UK is that they can cause fires. Rodents cause as many as 20-25% of all house fires. In addition, squirrel damage to electrical wiring or insulation can cause short circuits, starting a fire. The more insulation and wires they chew through, the more likely a fire will occur. As well as chewing through gas lines, squirrels have chewed through electrical wires. Slattocks Squirrel Pest Control can help you remove your grey squirrels and ensure that this won't happen at your property.

Gnawing habits

Squirrels are rodents that belong to the Sciuridae family. TheySlattocks Squirrel Control treatment Grey Squirrel control have two types of teeth, incisors and molars. The incisors are used for gnawing on food, while the molars are used for grinding food. The incisors grow continuously throughout a squirrel's life. They keep their teeth sharp avoid overgrowth by gnawing on complex objects like bark, wood and branches.

Nesting Sites:

Grey squirrels will often build their nests in sheltered and secluded spots inside buildings, such as in loft spaces, in the eaves of a house or any other nooks and crannies. They can also build nests in trees, often close to the trunk.

Nesting Materials:

Grey squirrels like to build nests from various materials such as twigs, leaves, moss and feathers. These can be used inside buildings or outside in tree trunks close to the ground to build their nests. In addition, grey squirrels often strip bark from trees, searching for food.

What food do they eat?

Squirrels are omnivorous, which means that they eat both plants and animals. Some of the things squirrels eat include seeds, nuts, fruits, insects, and other small animals. The Slattocks Squirrel Control treatmentVictorians introduced grey squirrels to Great Britain so that their gardens would be full of unique foreign creatures. However, once grey squirrels began eating all of the bird eggs in England's forests, they quickly became a threat to local wildlife and ecosystems. So getting rid of squirrels should be your first priority, and luckily, Slattocks Squirrel Trapping experts are just a call away.

Description of a Grey Squirrel

The colour of a grey squirrel can vary from light to dark brown, but they all have grey hair on their backs. They typically have a reddish-brown tail, and their underparts are white or cream. Grey squirrels are the most significant British species, measuring around 24 inches long, including the tail. They have large ears and eyes, and their teeth are sharp and pointed. The male grey squirrel is usually larger than the female.

If you have a squirrel infestation, choosing experts like Slattocks Squirrel Pest Control is vital. Do not try to deal withSlattocks Squirrel Control treatment the problem yourself with DIY products – this can often make the situation worse. As an invasive species, squirrels must be dealt with as soon as possible to minimize damage. You can contact us for more information or assistance if you're dealing with a squirrel infestation.