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Are Squirrels Causing You Problems

It's no secret that grey squirrels are a menace in the UnitedShevington Squirrel Control treatment Grey Squirrel control Kingdom. These pesky critters can cause extensive damage to both private and public property. In addition, they're known to carry diseases that can be harmful to humans and other animals. If you have grey squirrels on your property, it's essential to take steps to remove them as soon as possible. Contact Shevington Squirrel Trapping for safe, effective removal services. Of course, getting rid of grey squirrels is necessary for keeping them away from your property in the future. 

They destroy your property

Squirrels can cause much damage to homes by gnawing on wires, pipes, and other essential structures in the house. They can also contaminate food with their urine and droppings, making people sick. In addition, they can damage gardens and landscaping. They also chew on electrical cables, coaxial wires, and even telephone wires, leading to a fire and costly repairs. In their pursuit to enter your home, squirrels will gnaw wholes through the weak spots of your home. These whole gaps leave your home vulnerable to rain and moisture build-up.

Where do they nest

Shevington Squirrel Control treatmentSquirrels will nest in homes that provide them with access to food and shelter. They will also build nests in trees, but if there is no forest nearby, they will nest in attics, walls, and ceilings. The materials used to build these nests can vary, but they often use insulation, leaves, twigs, and bark. When removing squirrels from your home, it is best to call in a professional. Shevington Squirrel Pest Control is a company you can rely on to care for your squirrel problem.

A squirrel's diet

Squirrels are omnivorous animals that eat various foods, including nuts, seeds, fruits, and insects. They also may consume bird eggs and nestlings. They get their food from trees, ground, and digging in the soil. In addition, they have been known to eat small reptiles and amphibians when other food is scarce. The diet of grey squirrels typically consists of acorns, beechnuts, hazelnuts, black walnuts, raspberries, blueberries and hickory nuts, among many others.

Their breeding cycle

Grey squirrels breed twice a year and can have up to six babiesShevington Squirrel Control treatment each time. This means that populations can grow rapidly, and the potential for damage to property and crops is high. In addition, young squirrels reach sexual maturity by the time they are one year old and can reproduce their litter of babies. Contacting a pest control company like Shevington Squirrel Trapping to stop this cycle.

Why Squirrels Nest in Your home

Many homeowners may not realize that grey squirrels are attracted to their homes because of the available food. These animals are looking for an easy meal and will take advantage of anything left out or accessible. This can include bird feeders, pet food, and even garbage cans. They will chew through the bird feeder and eat all of the seed, which can leave a mess on your property. The squirrels may also carry diseases and parasites that can harm you and your family.

As we've seen, squirrels can cause much damage and are an invasive species. Meaning that if you have an infestation, it's Shevington Squirrel Control treatmentbest to call in the professionals right away. DIY products may not be as effective and could make the problem worse. When choosing a pest control company, make sure to do your research so you can be sure you're hiring a reputable and qualified team. Shevington Squirrel Pest Control has years of experience dealing with squirrel infestations. We know how to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Don't take chances with your home or business- call us today for a free consultation!