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Fast, Safe and Humane Shaw Rat Control

We all know that rats are a pest. But many homeowners are not aware of how serious threat rats can pose. Below we will address some of the key dangers posed by rats and why you need to get rid of rats as quickly as possible. If you have concerns about rats on your property then you need to contact our Shaw rat control experts at Young's Pest Control. They have the experience and training to ensure rats are removed safely and promptly from your property.

Brown RatKey dangers posed by rats
Here we will look at some of the reasons why having rats removed from your property as soon as possible is important. Rats pose a number of serious dangers including the following:

Rat bites - Rats have large incisor teeth and will bite if they believe that they are being threatened. If the rats are cornered then it may lurch out and bite in order to defend itself. The saliva from rats can contain a number of serious diseases. This can include Hantavirus and Leptospirosis. Bites from rats can also lead to tetanus infections.

Property damage - Rats will gnaw throughout their life in order to grind down their incisor teeth. Rats can gnaw through virtually any object including wood and steel. Rats can cause significant damage to property. This can include water pipes, joists and electrical cabling that could result in a fire breakout. Rats can be very persistent about gnawing through the object in order to use access to food or water source. It is invariably less expensive to have a pest control removal specialist visit your home and remove the rats before they are able to cause more damage.

Disease carriers - Rats can carry and spread diseases through the urine, droppings and hair. These include serious infectious diseases including Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis (LCMV), Weir's Disease, e. Coli and Salmonella. Rats can also be responsible for spreading allergens. The hair, droppings and dander from a rat can cause people to have an allergic reaction.

Rat fleas - Rats are a danger also for what they carry with them. Rat fleas can be a serious health risk. Rat fleas are capable of drawing blood and reproducing. Rat fleas are able to jump up to 200 times the length of their body. They are able to transmit disease when they feed on infected rat and then bit a human.

Get rid of rats promptly with the right pest control treatment
As you can see a Shaw rat infestation is a serious threat to humans, animals and property. If you have rats in your house you don't want to delay having a pest control complete treatment applied. Young's pest control are the experts in Shaw rat control. It is important that rats are professionally removed from your property so that the entire group is eliminated. If the entire group is not removed with the correct pest control treatment then they may reproduce and replenish the numbers. Call Young's Pest Control today to discuss your rat infestation and how we can help you.