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Call The Experts for Shaw Mole Trapping and Control

Professional Shaw mole trapping should be just that; done by professionals. Anyone who wishes to try a home mole control method risks carrying out an ineffective and inhumane treatment, with the end result being that you might kill one or more moles, but will not be able to carry out a full preventative treatment.

Why Are Moles In My Garden?

Mole in a molehillThe soil and lawn in the garden are an ideal habitat for these pests. They prefer soft soil that they can easily burrow through to create nests and tunnel networks. Whilst they do not pose any health and safety risks, their habits and movements cause great inconvenience to home and garden owners.

What Are The Signs?

Signs that you may need Shaw mole trapping and control include the obvious brown piles of soil in your garden (caused by them burrowing out and shifting the dirt as they go) as well as raised lines in the soil. These are attempts by the mole to create tunnels; sometimes they will not use them, but the damage has already been done. The other downside of these tunnels is that they can attract more moles in the future who use these ready-made tunnels to make nests with less difficulty.

What Should I Do?

Full size moleWhilst Shaw mole trapping may sound easy, it really is a job that should be left to a professional company such as Young's Pest Control. Additionally, any pest controller dealing advertising mole pest control should be registered with The Guild of British Molecatchers (of which Young's is a member.) This will ensure that the pest controller in question has been accredited and can demonstrate carrying out Shaw mole trapping and control in an ethical and legal manner.

The biggest mistake anyone suffering from a mole infestation can make is to try and sort the problem out themselves. Same from repairing the lawn, the homeowner should not do anything before calling a professional. Traditional methods can be lengthy, ineffective, and can cause the animals to be unnecessarily injured or to die in agonising pain. This can be illegal, and can easily be avoided by making a quick call to us; we will decide if the animal needs to be killed or simply discouraged from returning. Either way, our treatment will be prompt, effective and will cause you a minimum of inconvenience.