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The problems with ants

AntsDue to how quickly they arrive in abundance and their infamous large appetites, it is no wonder people panic if they notice they may have a flying ant infestation. There are over 8000 species to be concerned about, so it's also important to gain some knowledge about your own personal situation and find out about Shaw ant infestation removal treatment. The good news is that there are professionals who can perform Shaw ant control quickly for you, so be sure to pick up the phone and call Young's Pest Control to book an appointment and do a search to find your insect problems.


One of the most common to deal with is a carpenter ant infestation in the house. Now this species is all about wood so you will find them near or around your furniture.

  • Debris, shavings of wood on the floor, and sawdust are all strong indicators that you have company
  • Its a misconception that they eat wood, in actual fact they simply tunnel through it with a goal to build a nest

A carpenter ant infestation can cause irreparable damage if left untreated. Listen out for the rustling sounds and find their nest before they spread.


Black antIt's not just an ant infestation in the house that you need to be concerned about. The garden ant can easily show its presence by their large appetites feeding on sugary foods, crops, dew and burying their way quickly through the earth's surface with large holes. A garden ant infestation can be troublesome and should not be ignored. Forget about generic products also this could just lead to you killing of your precious crops and vegetables. Instead, do the clever thing and call the experts to find out about getting some professional Shaw ant infestation removal treatment.

The end

A flying ant infestation indoors or out is a nasty invasion of your private property and personal space. As their nest grows there is really no end to the amount of damage and chaos that can quickly follow. Never worry about the neighbours on your street finding out your business either, the team will arrive in an unmarked van especially for these concern and keeping your privacy. The Shaw ant infestation removal service is necessary for you gaining control back of your home both inside and out in the garden so call today if you spot the signs.