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Professional Salford Grey Squirrel Control Services

The grey squirrel while loved in some quarters is still generally considered to be a pest. Read on to learn more about the grey squirrel and why you should hire Young's Pest Control to promptly end your Salford grey squirrel control problem.

Why You Need Grey Squirrel Pest Control

Grey squirrel close upThe grey squirrel can reproduce up to twice a year. Although a young mother may only produce a single litter each year. Typically there will be between one to four young born in each grey squirrel litter. However, a large litter can produce as many as eight young. Typically only one in every four of the young grey squirrels will survive past the first year. If a grey squirrel infestation is not dealt with promptly the problem can become exacerbated.

Why The Grey Squirrel Thrives In Britain

The grey squirrel has thrived in Britain since it was first introduced from the United States about one hundred years ago. It first spread across England and then started to populate the Southern portions of Scotland and parts of Wales. Due to its success as a species, it has virtually displaced the native red squirrel.

The primary reason for the success of the grey squirrel is its lack of natural predators. Because of the rapid growth of the grey squirrel, it is now classed as a pest. This has created a demand for safe and efficient squirrel removal services like Young's Pest Control.

Grey squirrel pestThe primary reason why the grey squirrel has thrived to the detriment of the red squirrel is believed to be because of its greater fitness. This makes it more successful when competing for food. The grey squirrel is also better at storing fat during the winter.

Grey squirrels have also succeeded as a species because they are unaffected by Parapoxvirus, while the red squirrel often dies as a result of this disease. However, the grey squirrel is a carrier of this disease which shows why many consider them to be a health risk.

Your Squirrel Removal Experts

If you have a grey squirrel infestation on your property then you need to talk to the Salford grey squirrel control professionals. Young's Pest Control will be able to end your grey squirrel problem while remaining in complete accordance with the law. Call Young's Pest Control now to learn more about our Salford grey squirrel control services.