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Salford Cockroach Control

The common cockroach is one of the most resilient pests known to man, making attempts at Salford cockroach control difficult. They can survive in many different environments but tend to prefer warmer temperatures such as those found in houses and other buildings.   As they are omnivores they can subsist on any edible matter they find be it human or pet food - even faeces provide sufficient nutrients for the cockroach to reproduce. Limiting access to food is a relatively ineffective means of Salford cockroach control as cockroaches can survive for a month without food and have been known to subsist on the glue from the back of postage stamps.

German CockroachCockroach reproduction:

  • Cockroaches are capable of reproducing very rapidly.
  • A female cockroach will often carry her egg sack until just before the nymphs are ready to hatch.
  • Each egg case contains 30 to 40 eggs. Over their lifetimes, female cockroaches can produce 300 to 400 offspring.
  • Nymphs take 3 to 4 months to reach maturity.

There are many health risks from cockroach infestations

  • Cockroaches emit the insecticide pheromone in their faeces. This leads to microbial contamination of surfaces, and as they will eat the same food as humans and roam over any surface in order to find nourishment, they can transmit bacteria that are harmful to humans.
  • Other cockroaches will then follow these pheromone trails thereby compounding the risk of infection to humans.
  • Cockroaches also passively transport bacteria on their bodies including gastroenteritis and dysentery as well as many other harmful food poisoning pathogens.

The nocturnal nature of the cockroach makes Salford cockroach control a difficult prospect. Successful cockroach treatment involves monitoring them during their active night-time phase and establishing where the egg harbourages are located. Due to their diminutive size, these can be hard to locate unless you know where to look for the infestation.

Dead cockroachesA successful Salford cockroach control regimen would involve treatment of the infected areas and control of access to food which stimulates the cockroaches to venture further from their hiding places and come into contact with more pesticide.

The continuation of Salford cockroach control until all eggs have hatched and been exposed to the poison is vital in order to constitute an effective cockroach treatment. Failure to do so would lead to continuing infestation which, as has already been mentioned, could reach high levels again very rapidly.