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The UK climate is not that suited to ants although there are still a few species that can thrive and if these find a way into your home it can be a nuisance that needs to be dealt with. Ant colonies can number in the hundreds of thousands and an ant infestation in house or garden can mean problems for the owner. Employing the services of professionals is a way to get a Salford ant infestation removal treatment that will work and Young’s Pest Control has specialists with experience of dealing with this pest.

Ant Species

An ant infestation in the UK is likely to be one of the following common species.Black ant

  • Garden Ant: These are typically dark brown to black in colour, with the worker ants being around 4-5mm in size. They will typically be attracted to sweet foods although can also take other foodstuffs they find.
  • Pharaoh’s Ant: The workers of this species are around 1-2mm in length and have a yellow-brown appearance. They prefer high protein food and can be attracted to meat and fatty foods.
  • Pavement Ant: This species will consume almost any food found in a typical home. They have a dark brown colour and the workers are usually around 2-3mm long.

Problems Caused

The nuisance factor is the biggest problem when it comes to an ant infestation. If they find the food they like they can swarm around it in huge numbers so that it basically becomes inedible. They will create trails across floors, walls, and ceilings to follow for foraging and once in place will keep using them to search for food unless Salford ant infestation removal treatment is used to stop them. The new queens that emerge during the time of mating have wings and this can create a flying ant infestation that causes problems if a nest is inside a property.

Salford Ant Control

AntsAnts can be a difficult problem to deal with as disturbing a nest can result in the colony breaking up. New colonies can form from this and home treatment may just move the problem to a new location rather than getting rid of it. Using professional treatments for an ant infestation in house or garden locations is, therefore, a much better idea. This is because pest control experts can employ proven Salford ant infestation removal techniques that will deal with the pest without causing further problems. If you spot ants around your home or experience a flying ant infestation, we can be contacted for assistance by phone or online through our email message form.