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Professional Inspection and Sale Woodworm Treatment Options

Woodworm finding a way into your home is a serious cause for concern as this little pest is capable of inflicting considerable damage on wood. A woodworm infestation can therefore cause problems for many different features in a home, from wooden tables and chairs to timber construction features such as joists and roof beams. Early Sale woodworm treatment is the only real way to stop the problem escalating out of control and the most potent treatment for woodworm removal is available through professional pest control organisations. This includes Young’s Pest Control and customers can rely on us to provide them with an effective service.

Woodworm Facts

Some of the well known facts about woodworm include the following.

  • Woodborer, Oligomerus brunneus, extreme close-uptingBeetles: Woodworm are basically the larval stage in the lifecycle of a few species of wood boring beetles. The Common Furniture Beetle is the one most likely to infest UK households although others that can cause problems include Deathwatch and Powderpost Beetles.
  • Feeding: Woodworm hatch from eggs laid on wooden surfaces and then burrow inside the wood to feed. They leave a tunnel behind them as they do this and the damage can eventually cause problems.
  • Life: It is possible for woodworm to live for a number of years inside a wooden item and as they are out of sight it can be difficult to spot the problem in the initial stages of a woodworm infestation.

Treatment for Woodworm Removal

The beetle lifecycle comprises of four main stages, which include egg, woodworm, pupa, and adult. A Sale woodworm treatment spray aims to break this cycle by targeting the woodworm to kill them off. However, before starting work it is important to carry out an inspection. This is needed to determine how bad a woodworm infestation is, the wooden features in a property that have been targeted by the insect, and the type of beetle that is causing the problem. It takes an expert to accurately identify this information and this is why seeking the assistance of qualified pest control is worthwhile for dealing with woodworm. The information they find from an inspection will be used to choose the right type of Sale woodworm treatment furniture, flooring, and timbers in a building require to kill off the problem and limit the damage.

Young’s Pest Control

Woodworm larvaeWe have the specialist knowledge required to spot signs such as exit holes, bore dust, eggs, wood damage, and adult beetles that signify that a woodworm problem has taken hold. Anyone with concerns that woodworm may have found a way into their property is welcome to get in touch to have one of our staff carry out an inspection. Should we determine that wood boring beetles are the cause of problems, we have the equipment and insecticides to provide the Sale woodworm treatment to furniture pieces and other timber features will need to deal with an infestation. To get this specialist assistance, simply ring us up or get in touch through our online message system and we can arrange for one of our experts to carry out an inspection of your property.