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Bed Bugs on the Rise in the UK

The Rise of Bed Bugs
Bed BugYou will not be surprised to hear that bed bug infestations are on the rise in the UK when you realise that 1 pregnant female can lay 200 to 300 eggs over a two month period, and in 6-8 weeks these eggs will have grown to full maturity. In a very short space of time, thousands of bed bugs can be feeding off your family. Not only do bed bugs mature and reproduce quickly, but they are also able to crawl through your house and find hosts in other rooms attracted by human heat and the carbon dioxide we give off. They can crawl into bags and luggage to move to other locations and in cool locations, they can go for a year without needing to feed. By now you can imagine Sale bed bug treatment is difficult and will generally require bed bug fumigation by professionals.

What are Bed Bugs?
Bed Bugs, or Cimex Lectularius, are small, wingless blood-sucking insects up to 5mm in size that live in the crevices and cracks of your bed and mattress. They are light brown/reddish looking, resembling small red lentils, and are visible to the naked eye. Nymphs are translucent and become browner in colour as they moult and reach maturity. Bed bugs in warm conditions need to feed every five to seven days and will travel some way to find a host.

Even though adult bed bugs are visible to the naked eye, detection and Sale bed bug treatment is often difficult as they can hide in very small places in mattress seams and small cracks so they appear almost invisible.

How Do You Know if You Have Bed Bugs?
bedbugBed bug control is made more difficult by their ability to escape notice, but you can identify if you have a problem and require Sale bed bug treatment by regularly checking for the following:

  • Unexplained rashes on arms, neck and shoulder. Usually, the bites are in a distinctive line.
  • Black spots on the mattress, which can be bed bug droppings.
  • Mottled looking shells on the mattress, bed bugs shed skin as they grow.
  • Blood spots on the sheets, which can be bed bugs that have been squashed during the night.
  • Red, lentil-like objects in the seem of your mattress or in the crevices on your bed.

How do I remove Bed Bugs?
Once you have identified you have bed bugs you are going to want to look for a Sale bed bug treatment that ensures total bed bug removal. For this, you will need professional advice to ensure that there are no single bed bugs left to start the cycle again. At Young's Pest Control we offer bed bug removal solutions and bed bug fumigation methods that will give you peace of mind that the treatment has been effective and that your family can sleep safely at night.