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How do you know you have an Ant Problem?

Black antIt is important that you know when you have an ant infestation problem because:

• This will help you know if you should hire an ant control expert.
• You will be able to do Sale ant infestation removal before the problem exacerbates.
• You will be able to use the right amount of ant treatment, meaning you will save money.

You first need to know the most common ant types in the UK since these are more likely to cause an ant infestation. These are the garden ant (lasius niger), Roger’s ant (hypoponera punctatissima), pharaoh’s ant (Monomorium pharaonis), and pavement ant (tetrazolium caespitum). These ants have unique characteristics and you should research them for easy identification. As an example, the adults of some of these ants are flying ants.

You should, however, note that different ant types thrive in different regions in the UK. Soil temperature is one of the major factors that determine where ants are found. At Young’s Pest Control, our team is ready to help you determine the ant type that is most likely to cause an infestation in the house. So, how do you know you need our Sale ant infestation removal service?

Ants1) You should have information on the ant life cycle. Having such information as to when ants lay their eggs will help you know when you are most at risk. As an example, the garden ant lays its eggs towards the end of spring. The larvae hatch between three and four weeks later and they eat the secretions from the salivary glands of the queen until the emergence of worker ants. Males that are able to reproduce emerge in the last days of spring. You are most susceptible to a garden ant attack when worker ants emerge because these ants make up most of the colony and they are the ones responsible for food foraging, building nests, and larval care.

2) Having information on how ants behave will help you know where to look and when to look. As an example, Roger’s ants forage randomly and usually live indoors. They will swarm throughout the year and you will find winged adults near light sources.

3) You should know where ants build their nests. This will help you take care of the root of the problem. As an example, pavement ants live under stones, boards, or wood and in lawns whereas ghost ants prefer environments that have high moisture content such as bathroom cabinets and kitchens. Our Sale ant infestation removal and control solution involves getting rid of the queen and destroying the nest.

4) Be on the lookout for ants near water and food sources.

It is particularly important that you have this info if you have a flying ant infestation because getting rid of these ants is much more difficult. At Young’s Pest Control, flying ant infestation control is one of our services. Call us in for ant control to avoid all the hassle.