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The Importance of Professional Royton Woodworm Treatment

Woodworm infestation is one of the biggest problems you can have on your timber structures. The insect can affect your furniture and any other household items made of wood. By definition, a woodworm is the larvae stage of the furniture beetle that usually makes holes on timber. Irrespective of whether the timber is part of your house or other structures in your compound, these beetles will destroy it in the absence of effective Royton woodworm treatment spray.

Woodworm larvaeContrary to the common belief that woodworm only affects old timber structures, the insects usually never choose which timber to affect. They can, therefore, destroy new wooden structures just as they can do with the old ones. In fact, unless you start treatment for woodworm removal early, your new roof can crumble in a matter of weeks once they infest it. Another problem is the fact that there are several types of woodworm each requiring a specific treatment. The most popular types in Britain include House Longhorn Beetle, Common Furniture Beetle, Powderpost Beetle, and Deathwatch Beetle.

Preventing woodworm infestation

Since woodworm poses some serious danger to furniture and other wooden household items, it is expected that every homeowner should take the necessary preventive measures by:
• Blocking holes on the timber (especially the ones you spot during cold weather) using paint.
• Ensuring that your timber is dry preferable with a moisture content of less than 18%. You can hire a Royton woodworm treatment furniture professional to measure the moisture levels for you.
• Isolating infected furniture in order to combat spreading.

Available Royton woodworm removal treatments

What if you failed to take any preventive measures and there is woodworm infestation in your home? The next stop should be a professional Royton woodworm treatment spray which is effective in most cases. Effective woodworm removal treatment spray may only be available to qualified pest control experts, and thus why you should opt for professional treatment for woodworm.

Pest control experts can help you:
Woodborer, Oligomerus brunneus, extreme close-upting
• Identify the species

• Determine if the infestation is active or not
• Know whether your timber structure needs replacement.

Expert opinion should, therefore, be consulted when Royton woodworm treatment is needed (be it small scale or large scale). They know whether to employ the surface application of pesticides, use freezing or fumigation. In addition, the choice of treatment for woodworm depends on the species, level of infestation, the extent of damage caused, prevailing environmental laws, safety, and available resources.

Advantages of hiring Young’s Pest Control

Since Royton woodworm treatment for furniture may involve the use of insecticides, you need a company that puts your safety first. At Young’s Pest Control, timber samples are normally tested first to determine the most effective Royton woodworm treatment spray to use. The spray also has to be environment-friendly and affordable to the customer.

Do you care about your wooden structures and would not want to spend large amounts of money repairing them? Well, get in touch with Young’s Pest Control team and experience professional Royton woodworm treatment like never before. The services are fast (i.e. done on the same day), convenient and above all affordable. The phone lines are also open 24/7.