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Expert Romiley Rat Control

Rats are one of the most commonly encountered, but potentially hazardous, pest problems in the UK. If you have noticed signs of rats then you should contact Young's Pest Control. We will be to advise you as the best way to end your Romiley rat infestation.

Brown RatMajor Rat Varieties

There are a number of different rats varieties that you may encounter. The first of these is known as the brown rat. The brown rat is the most common rat in the world. These rats are large and round. They take their name from their brown or grey coloured coarse fur. Another type of rat that is very common is the roof rat. The roof rat will typically inhabit the rafters and loft of people's homes. They also may live between the joists in the floorboards. Roof rats are black and their tails are longer than those of the brown rat. Both types of rats carry a variety of different diseases which can be transmitted through their urine, hair or droppings. If you have identified either type of rat on your property then you should contact a pest control service which will be able to apply the proper pest control treatment to remove them.

Environments Where Rats Thrive

Rats are capable of thriving in suburbs and cities. Rats are also able to travel from great distances in order to find new food and water sources. While rats are very keen to find new food and water sources they will be wary of unknown objects. This can make it difficult to get rid of rats by using traditional traps. Romiley rat control professionals have the knowledge and experience to get rid of rats from your home or garden.

How To Identify A Romiley Rat infestation

ratOne sign that you have rats in your garden or home are rat tracks. Rats will make paths which they will rarely stray from. A professional Romiley rat control specialist will know what to look for in order to identify these rat tracks. Rat tracks can be distinguished by their four-toed front footprint and five-toed back footprint. It is usually easiest to find rat tracks in dusty or muddy locations. However, it is easy for homeowners to confuse the footprints from rat tracks with those of other animals including squirrels. The easiest way to confirm whether you are looking at rat trails is to bring in Romiley rat control professional.

How To End Your Rat Problem

Store bought pest control treatment are rarely effective on rats. You need a specialised pest control technician who has the experience and equipment to safely and hygienically dispose of the rats on your property. Call Young's Pest Control and talk to one of our friendly team about your needs.