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Professional Romiley Mole Trapping

Mole Control
Mole moundSome pests are more visible than others. One of the first indications you have a mole in your garden is the telltale sign of a raised molehill and muddy tracks. You are unlikely to see the culprit, as these small half-blind creatures keep a low profile and can stay underground for long periods due to their low oxygen requirements. It is essential to act quickly and call in a professional Romiley mole trapping service as soon as you can, as left unchecked even a single mole can quickly cause extensive damage to your property.

Act Quickly
By the time you notice a molehill, your mole may have been busy tunnelling under your lawn for some time, causing all manner of destruction and unseen damage to your lawn, soil structure and roots of carefully tended young plants, which will weaken and even die. The balance of beneficial earthworms in your garden will also be affected. For a small creature, a single mole is able to create a path of destruction and network of underground tunnels almost before you know it is there.

Moles on a Mission!
Mole in a molehillMoles belong to a family of small mammals known as insectivores. Their natural habitat is woodland, but they are more than happy to live in your garden in their search for the grubs, bugs and earthworms, which make up their diet. It is said a mole can eat up to half its bodyweight in earthworms in a single day, stopping at nothing to achieve this. A mole’s ears are small but it can hear and home in on an earthworm from over 5 meters away, using its powerful paws and claws to dig tunnels in its mission to get food.

Claim Back your Garden
Mole pest control by a professional Romiley mole trapping service is your answer to mole control. Do not be lulled into thinking your mole has gone away if there is no new evidence. A new generation of moles can quickly move in and use existing tunnels. This is why it is so important to get professional help. The moles will be moved quickly and efficiently using tested Romiley mole trapping and control methods, without the need for harsh insecticides which could further damage your garden and other wildlife.

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