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Professional Romiley Mice Control

House mouse, Mus domesticusMany households across the UK experience problems with a mice infestation, both in terms of avoiding the dangers posed by this rodent and in controlling and eradicating the mouse infestation.

It’s mainly during autumn and winter that households experience a mice infestation, from damaged property to exposure to diseases, which can cause stress and anxiety. Therefore, dealing with an infestation as quickly as possible is imperative, but what should people look out for and what Romiley mice control services do Young’s Pest Control offer? Both these questions and more are answered in this informative article.

Spotting a mouse

Firstly, what does a typical mouse look like? Well, in the UK there are several species, some more numerous than others. The species we are interested in is the house mouse, which gets its name from, unsurprisingly, its preference for nesting in warm houses during the winter.

This rodent has fur that is a mix between brown and grey, with its underside being slightly lighter. Its tail marks it out from the field mouse because it accounts for 80% of the length of its entire body, whilst the field mouse’s tail is markedly shorter.

Looking for the signs

If you know what to look for, spotting an infestation can be quite straightforward. The most obvious indicators are the tracks, droppings, urine, and smears left behind when a mouse moves around.

Another sign of mice that will be immediately apparent is damage to property such as food packaging. Besides trying to get to the food, a mouse needs to gnaw on things to keep their incisors from growing too long, so wherever a mouse has resided for a while will show signs of gnawing. This can pose a great threat as they also tend to gnaw on electric cables which in some severe cases can lead to a fire breaking out.

Why Romiley mice control is important

Mouse NestAs I have mentioned, mice will try to get to food wherever possible, and in doing so they will leave behind a disease called salmonella, which if ingested can cause food poisoning.

I also stated that when a mouse moves around, they will leave behind droppings and urine. The danger here is that droppings contain bacteria and viruses that can cause diseases such as leptospirosis, a bacterial infection.

Mice control services

On discovering an infestation, it’s likely that you will be tempted to manage the mouse removal yourself, which can work against you in the long run. I say this because mice often show signs of neophobia, which means they are wary of change. Therefore, putting down your own traps, which are often inadequate, will waste the first and best opportunity to catch the mice.

At Young’s Pest Control, a Romiley mice control service, we use traps that are proven to be effective against a mice infestation, and our experts will know the best places to put them that will ensure the highest chance of success.

Through planning, experience and expertise, no mice control case are too difficult for our professionals, and in using our services you will be rid of mice for good.