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Professional Romiley Cockroach Control

Dead cockroachesThe cockroach has plagued mankind for as long as we have walked the earth. The more our population grows, the more food sources we are providing for the cockroach. To us, they are a pest that spreads disease and contaminates our food; but to them, we give shelter, nourishment and protection. Knowing what draws them to us is part of the route to Romiley cockroach control, and Young's pest control know a great deal about their habits and behaviours.

Don't they only affect dirty places?

The cockroach has been around for millions of years. They have evolved to tolerate the harshest conditions and to find food in the most scarce environments. A dirty restaurant may well provide an abundance of food for cockroaches, but they will take what life throws at them and thrive anywhere they can find the smallest scraps.

Are they a health hazard?

Cockroaches can transmit diseases and spread bacteria by contact. They are very active and mobile. As they move around, they can pick up germs and spread them across our homes and places of business. As they have the habit of feeding on things as unhygienic as faecal matter, they can spread diseases such as dysentery, salmonella and gastroenteritis. For the sake of health and safety, Romiley cockroach control is highly important.

How do I know I have a problem?

As cockroaches are nocturnal, it won't always be apparent that they are there. A trained professional will see the signs, however minute. The odour of cockroaches and their droppings are both signs of infestation. Young's cockroach pest control service will investigate the nature and severity of the infestation and prescribe the best cockroach treatment for the case.

During the day, cockroaches hide in tiny cracks. The smaller, the better. They will remain motionless unless disturbed and wait for nightfall to re-emerge.

Are they easy to eradicate?

German CockroachLiving alongside us for so long has helped cockroaches develop the ability to both exploit and avoid us. The repeated use of certain pesticides has built an immunity to them amongst cockroaches. This makes do-it-yourself cockroach treatment largely ineffective.

Cockroaches lay around 2000 eggs during their life. This means that if an infestation isn't fully eradicated, the eggs that are left behind will cause re-infestation. The expert services offered by Young's pest control will take care of your Romiley cockroach control needs and inform you on how to stay cockroach-free in the future.