Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Romiley BumbleBee Control Service

Discovering a nest of bees around the house or garden is never a fun experience. Perhaps they are in the attic, the source of that strange buzzing sound. Perhaps they are in the shed and came swarming out when the door slammed shut. Perhaps they were discovered while investigating why the dryer vent didn't seem to be working, or as a swarm of insects patrolling the area around a bird box. Wherever they happen to be, bees are unwelcome guests. Calling a professional pest control service, like Young's Pest Control, is the surest way to see that they leave as soon as possible, without any fuss or danger.

BumbleBees as Pests

Tree Bumble Bee Tree BumbleBee

The number of people having problems with bumblebees has been on the rise recently, thanks in a large part to tree bumble bees, a European species that is relatively new to England. Distinguished by the large patch of ginger fuzz they have instead of the typical black and yellow striped markings of other bees, tree bumblebees are more likely to be a hazard. They are more aggressive and territorial than other bees and also more likely to build their nests in or around man-made structures like houses.
Here, they are a health risk as they sting readily, causing painful burning welts and possibly severe allergic reactions in their victims. They can also be a nuisance by clogging up vents and making noise at all hours of the night.

Any species of the bumblebee can become a pest if it nests in the wrong place, and dealing with an infestation should be done right away to keep everyone in the area safe.

BumbleBee Removal Services

Bumble Bee BumbleBee

Young's Pest Control offers Romiley bumblebee removal treatments as part of their comprehensive list of pest control services. Dealing with a professional for Romiley bumblebee control is the fastest, easiest and safest way to tackle a bee problem - clients can avoid the risk of being stung, be confident that the problem is being properly taken care of, and can skip the stress and hassle of figuring out what to do to get rid of the bees.

Whether the nest is large or small, high or low, whether it can be relocated or needs to be destroyed, the professional staff at Young's can handle the problem. Affordable rates and 24-hour availability make Young's the most convenient option for Romiley bumblebee control.