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A Professional Romiley Bed Bug Treatment to Clear your Home of Pests

bedbugDiscovering bed bugs in your home is an unpleasant experience although it can easily happen to anyone. Being unfortunate to stay somewhere that already has these pests is the most common way for an infestation to be brought into a home and once this happens, bed bug populations can quickly grow to a serious infestation. Having a professional Romiley bed bug treatment carried out can eliminate the problem, and Young’s Pest Control is a company to look to for successful bed bug control services.

Bed Bug Information

Bed bugs are small blood sucking parasites that will infest a home in search of a meal and they will typically live on and around the places where people sleep or rest. While a bed is where they are commonly found, they can also live in the carpets, curtains, and other furnishings around this so they are close to a food source. Once established and breeding, their numbers can quickly grow. A single female is capable of laying up to 250 eggs in a month and bed bugs can live for up to 10 months. The greatest chance of eradicating an infestation completely from a property is with a professional Romiley bed bug treatment.

Bed Bug Signs

Bed BugWhile bed bugs are small, they can be seen with the naked eye on a close investigation of a bed or other furnishings. There are also other signs that will show a bed bug fumigation is required.

  • Dark Stains: These become evident on a mattress and are caused by an accumulation of bed bug droppings.
  • Shed Skins: The young of bed bugs will cast off their skin as they grow in size and on close inspection of a furniture piece it should be possible to spot these.
  • Smell: Bed bugs give off a sweet, sickly smell that can become obvious as an infestation takes hold.
  • Bite Marks: The insect typically feeds during the night and their bite will leave an itchy, irritating mark. Waking up with these is usually a sign that there are bed bugs present.

Bed Bug Removal

Professional Romiley bed bug treatment has a number of advantages over trying to clear an infestation yourself. Qualified companies such as Young’s Pest Control have access to more powerful bed bug fumigation pesticides designed to effectively wipe out a population. Our experts also have the knowledge of where the pest hides in a home so they can apply a treatment everywhere it is needed. It is important to eradicate every bug to ensure that the problem does not return and that is what professional bed bug control offers. If you want to ensure your home is cleared of this unpleasant pest, just give us a call.