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Professional Rochdale Mole Trapping

Mole control
The mole is not seen most often, but it is the most common known small mammal. It lives mostly underground in gardens, pastures and woodlands most of its life. Tunnels or run are its habitats which are characterized by heaps of soil (molehills). Studies show that moles are found almost in all of Asia, Southern Africa, North America and most parts of Europe.

Full size moleMole Description
A mole has a compact masculine body covered with velvety grey fur (black, white, cream and orange colours also found. A mole weighs about 130grams, body length of 12-17 cm and short upright tail of 32mm. Small-pinch head sized eyes, long pointed nose and strong robust paddle-shaped front legs that face outwards. Its hands are big with tough fingers and nails ready to dig into anything.

Mole Pest Control
The destruction of moles when left uncontrolled can cause health hazards, environmental degradation and economic implications. Therefore home owners and gardeners who are victims of this animal should seek effective mole control methods. Our local office can offer advice and also provide you with effective mole pest control methods. Don't let pests infest in your home, involve us to keep your family and property safe.

Mole Trapping
Rochdale mole trapping method has stood the test of time to emerge as an effective method to eradicate moles. However, this method can achieve good results when a professional is involved.

Professional Mole trapping
Mole in a molehillWe have a specialized team that deals with Rochdale mole trapping and control. Involve our professionals and we will protect your property from mole destruction. we are swift and we are effective at our work. We will also give you advice when the need arises. We serve our clients with utmost faith and handle our client's problems as our own and we always leave our clients with a smile.
If you are a local resident and you need our services to eliminate moles from your home or property, at an affordable price, give us a call us today.