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Professional Ramsbottom Grey Squirrel Control

At the end of the 19th century, the North American grey squirrel was introduced to the United Kingdom. They have originally released as a novelty, garden species. Their cuteness and beguiling character made them popular, and numerous homes began acquiring and releasing them on their properties, unaware of the ramifications.

Grey squirrel close upThe original importers would never have known that in just over 100 years, the population has exploded to over 5 million animals. The rate of increase shows little sign of slowing down. Due to the abundance of food, habitat and the lack of predators, there are few natural sources of Ramsbottom grey squirrel control.

One of the first signs of trouble from the squirrel was in the carpentry and woodworking industries. A favourite food-source of the grey squirrel is the beech tree. The beech-mast contains a nutritious nut that is fatty and high in calories and although a beech tree produces masts every year, they only produce fertilized and viable nuts every 4 years or so. This means that squirrels can easily have a negative effect on beech populations.

Another more visible effect of the squirrel is that they strip the bark from trees in order to get to the sap underneath. This causes irreparable harm to the tree and spoils the wood, making it useless for woodwork. Managers of working woodland face hefty reductions in profit without effective Ramsbottom grey squirrel control.

Young's pest control can work with domestic and commercial clients in Ramsbottom grey squirrel control. We have the experience and resources to tackle squirrel removal in any situation.

Grey squirrel pestAs our own population expands, we eat into the natural habitat available for the squirrel. This makes us look to our properties for shelter and sustenance. It is common for squirrels to gnaw their way into attics, cavity-walls and outbuildings. The damage done can be considered for such a small animal. As experts in squirrel removal, we can identify the source of infestations and eradicate the problem.

Despite their increased numbers, squirrels can be elusive and hard to locate. They are fast and agile. Tackling them on their own terrain is difficult and requires the expert techniques and equipment that we at Young's have at our disposal. In a domestic environment, there is always a risk of causing damage when undertaking Ramsbottom grey squirrel control. Our knowledge enables us to find nests and entry points and tackle them with minimal collateral damage.