Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Ramsbottom BumbleBee Control Service

It is understandable that we feel uneasy if pests invasion happens in our homes or business premises. Some creatures taking up residence within our grounds may simply be unsightly, an annoyance and an irritant. Others may cause damage to our property through their habits. And others yet may pose danger to us, our health and well-being - indirectly or immediately.

For these reasons, as soon as we have made the discovery of our unwanted co-occupants, the best course of action is to consider urgent pest removal treatment. And no matter how strong the impulse to act straight away and on our own may be, the only safe and complete treatment can be delivered by the qualified pest control specialists.

Young's Pest Control experts are skilled in providing thorough solutions for infestations of rodents, insects, birds etc. We also deal successfully with Ramsbottom bumblebee control and bumblebee removal.

The need for Ramsbottom bumblebee control can arise when the bees establish their nests within the perimeter of our houses or commercial areas, exposing people to the risk of being stung.

The bumblebees favour various locations for setting up their colonies, such as:
- wall cavities
- chimneys
- spaces under the roof tiles
- fence panels, sheds, compost heaps, bushes

One specific type, the tree bumblebees, appeared on the insect scene in the country just over a decade ago, but have made steady progress and can now present a common problem when building nests in bird-boxes or in tree holes close to the property. The tree bumblebees, just like any type of bees, will actively guard their home, and attack and sting if the nest is somehow disturbed or if they feel under threat. Their nests can be particularly susceptible to inadvertent disruption, such as loud noise causing vibrations.

Tree Bumble Bee Tree BumbleBee

The most common result of a bee sting is pain, itching and hives. It can also cause swelling which may be dangerous if it is close to the mouth, tongue or throat. In addition, there is a risk of allergic reaction to the bee venom, and the hazard will be multiplied if the bee colony attacks en masse.

Once contacted, our Ramsbottom bumblebee control professionals will:

- inspect the location of the nest and assess the situation
- propose a suitable Ramsbottom bumblebees removal treatment
- deliver the treatment competently and efficiently
- advise on steps for future prevention against infestation.