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Professional Radcliffe Woodworm Treatment

Finding evidence of a woodworm infestation in your home is a big worry. You will wonder how widespread the problem is. Maybe you have a problem in the structural timber of your house. The potential cost of the problem will run through your mind and you will be desperate for answers. Treatment for woodworm removal is a diverse and varied subject. There are many potential sites around the home that could be host to unwelcome guests. Young's pest control know how to spot the signs of a woodworm infestation and diagnose the appropriate Radcliffe woodworm treatment.

The term 'woodworm' refers to a range of different beetle species. It is the larvae of these beetles that burrow into and consume wood. This action leaves little tunnels beneath the surface of the wood and over time, weakens it.

What are the signs of infestation?

Woodworm larvaeIf your furniture is infested, you will find small deposits of sawdust that the worms have excreted. These deposits show that there are still live and active worms. You will also see small holes on the surface of the wood. These holes and tunnels beneath will weaken your furniture, they will allow damp to get in overtime, and the condition will worsen. A Radcliffe woodworm treatment furniture spray can deal with infestations in your domestic items.

The deathwatch beetle is one species that produces wood-boring young. A sign of their presence is a characteristic clicking sound that they make.

Damp wood is at greater risk from woodworm. This means that your structural timber, as it is closer to the external parts of your house, is at a greater risk. The damp softens the wood and makes it easier to consume. An infestation at this level is a big worry and it is important that you receive professional consultation on your case. Young's will thoroughly assess the problem and devise the most effective Radcliffe woodworm treatment spray strategy for the job.

Woodborer, Oligomerus brunneus, extreme close-uptingIt is important that you minimize damage by tackling the problem as soon as you become aware of it. Be sure to call in trained professionals at an early stage before the problem spreads. Whether your case is furniture related, or on a larger scale, you will want it dealing with promptly. As the infestation spreads, the network of excavations will grow and your wood will weaken. Adult beetles will emerge and disperse throughout your home, looking for new food sources and habitats.

Removing woodworm is a complex task and shouldn't be done on a do-it-yourself basis. Completely eradicating the pest is essential if you are to reduce the risk of re-infestation. An off-the-shelf woodworm removal treatment spray is likely to be ineffective. Infestations vary and the correct deployment of treatment should be considered and carried out by trained personnel. The signs of infestation can be hard to spot, and in difficult-to-access spots, it can be a real chore to investigate effectively. Having the right tools, training and experience to deal with the pest are crucial. Young's pest control has everything it takes to perform thorough extermination.