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The Importance of Radcliffe Grey Squirrel Control

Many people finding watching grey squirrels interesting. Unfortunately, when there is no Radcliffe grey squirrel control, they can be very harmful. The damage they cause often gets little attention but it is as great as that of other pests like mice and rats. Here are some of the most common damages caused when there is no quick squirrel removal.

  • Damage to Trees

Grey squirrel pestGrey squirrels are great lovers of sweet fluids. Most of this sweet sap is usually found in the phloem tissue just after the bark. To get to this sap, grey squirrels gnaw stems of trees. Often the gnawing extends around the whole stem. Unfortunately, it is in the phloem tissue that translocation occurs. This is the movement of sugars in the plant. As the grey squirrel gnaws the stem, it destroys these tissues thus preventing the movement of sugars in the plant. When sugars cannot move in a plant, the plant dies. More often, however, they lead to impaired growth of trees rather than their death. This is because they cause sugars to spread unevenly in the tree.

  • Physical Damage to Houses and Foul Smell

When squirrels want to get into some favourite place, they will do anything to get there. One of their favourite places in the loft. To get there, not only do they exploit voids, damaged soffits and lifted tiles, they also chew any materials between them and where they want to go. Once in the loft, they start their long chain of destruction. For example, they will chew the plastic water pipes and electrical cables. Worst of all is the construction of nests within the insulation. Here, they start breeding and when they are not removed soon; your house is likely to have a squirrel infestation. When they die there, the house starts having a foul smell and attracting a lot of maggots and flies. At this point, it becomes very difficult to carry out an effective Radcliffe grey squirrel control without involving professionals.

  • Danger to Poultry

Grey squirrel on benchIf you keep poultry, grey squirrels can be very dangerous because of their great appetite for chicks and eggs. Often, adult birds run away from them rather than defend their younger ones because of fear of being eaten too. Apart from taking the chicks and the eggs from nests, they also eat food in bird feeders through raids.

As discussed above, leaving your home with no Radcliffe grey squirrel control is a danger not just to your house but also to the surrounding trees and birds. Any time you notice the presence of grey squirrels, it is advisable you quickly contact Radcliffe grey squirrel control professionals like Young's Pest Control. With their long experience and skills in squirrel removal, they will be able to permanently keep your home squirrel-free.