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Professional Radcliffe Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are one of the hardiest roaches in the world and can be found everywhere. Even though they are not native to the UK and prefer warmer climates, they still thrive here by living in warm dwellings. They are primitive creatures that have survived for more than 250 million years! It is not easy to get rid of cockroaches once they infest a place, so it is important to call in a professional Radcliffe cockroach control.

The most common species found in the UK are the German, Oriental, American and Brown Banded cockroaches.

Why is Radcliffe cockroach control a good idea?
German Cockroach
-> Cockroaches are carriers of bacteria and spread it easily. Since they move around so fast, they can cause diseases.

-> With cockroaches around, leaving food out is never an option. They can get everywhere and spoil your food.

-> They are disgusting, and many people have a phobia of cockroaches. Known as Katsaridaphobia, it can prove to be very traumatic.

-> Cockroaches breed rapidly and before you know it, there are scores more of them than before. If cockroach treatment is not carried out, then they soon overrun the home, causing all sorts of damages.

Recognising cockroach infestation

-> Check for active cockroaches during the night. If you see them during the day, it is an indication of high infestation, because it means that they are crowded out of their hiding places.

-> Cockroach egg cases and moulted skins are a good indicator of a cockroach infestation.

-> Black cockroach droppings is another indicator of a cockroach infestation.

-> Cockroaches produce a musty and unpleasant smell, which makes it easy to identify their presence.

Cockroach pest control

Dead cockroaches-> Cockroaches cannot be easily trapped and eliminated by simple methods, so regular Radcliffe cockroach control by professionals is required.

-> Cockroaches tend to infest places like kitchens and bathrooms, leading to an array of hygiene and safety issues. They hide in nooks and crannies in these places and require a professional to find and terminate all of them.

-> Having survived for hundreds of millions of years, they are not likely to be eliminated by home-grown methods. Scientific and high powered methods that only professionals can provide is often required for proper Radcliffe cockroach control.

At Young's Pest Control, our experts are trained in finding and eliminating cockroaches from the source, and making your home safe and hygienic again!