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Professional Prestwich Grey Squirrel Control

Grey Squirrels

Grey squirrels arrived in the United Kingdom in the 1800s and are now very common in urban and rural areas of Britain. Squirrels naturally nest in the hollows of trees, but as their numbers have increased in urban areas they seek alternatives which are usually the eaves of houses or buildings or lofts which provide a dry, safe and warm environment in which to nest and have young.

Squirrels have two breeding seasons each year, one in late winter to early spring and the second in summer to autumn. There are usually 3 to 4 kittens in each litter.

Signs to look for, giving a need for squirrel removal

Grey squirrel pest• Noise. Sounds of gnawing and scratching, thumping and scurrying. Grey squirrels may work to gain entry, in groups or alone. If squirrels work together to gain access, they will create a lot of noise which may be in the early hours of the morning, making Prestwich grey squirrel control essential.

• Smell. They will be a strong smell of urine.

• Damage. You may find chewed wiring, chewed paper, chewed food bags or boxes. Damage to carpets and furniture. There may also be damage to external walls or wood to gain access to the building. Squirrels are very destructive and very potent when it comes to chewing and gnawing, hence the necessity for Prestwich grey squirrel control. Grey squirrels can climb anything and will pull apart roof tiles of slate or terracotta and chew through strong wood especially if their nest is inside with young. Their biting powers are undeniable and lead to expensive repairs.

Problems caused by Squirrels

Grey squirrel close up• Noise
• Smell
• Damage
• Expensive Repairs
Repairs to buildings, electrical wires, pipes, etc.
• Disease
Squirrels can carry fleas, ticks and tetanus and also can pass the disease to insects in the house.

Prestwich Grey Squirrel Control should include the following:

• Removal of squirrels, their nests and their young.
• Exclusion of squirrels from the building or property.
• Clean up of all waste.

Prestwich grey squirrel control and squirrel removal should not be attempted without a professional service and Young’s Pest Control will give you an excellent service. Squirrels do bite and scratch if provoked. They are excitable if trapped or frightened and will rush about and run amok, knocking over anything in their way.