Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Prestwich BumbleBee Control Experts

The sting of a bumblebee is painful for anyone to experience, with the added problem that these insects have a stinger that can be used more than once. A single bee can, therefore, inflict multiple stings and the experience can turn serious if more than one bee is involved. Anyone finding a nest around their property should therefore not ignore it, with Prestwich bumblebee control being simple to organize through Young’s Pest Control.

BumbleBee Species

Tree Bumble Bee Tree BumbleBee

There are in excess of twenty species in the UK and these vary from native garden bumblebees to invasive tree bumblebees. Most have similar characteristics that distinguish them as bumblebees and this typically includes large bodies, a loud buzzing sound as they fly, and a furry-looking appearance. The colouring can vary, with tree bumblebees, for example, having an orange head, white tail and black body. However, the size, sound, and appearance of most species easily mark them out as bumblebees.

Finding a Nest

Bumblebee nests are usually concealed so that the first sign of one in the vicinity of your property may be when you venture too close to the entrance. Bumblebees can perceive this as a threat and will go on the attack. If this happens once it is likely to happen again and the common sense option at this stage is to call in a Prestwich bumblebee control service.

Professional Expertise

Attempting bumblebee removal is a risky operation that can trigger an attack. It is, therefore, best left to a professional that has the knowledge to tackle the job in a safe and controlled manner. This is true of the experts that work for Young’s Pest Control and we also equip them with the required training, personal protective equipment, and special materials that allow them to minimise the risks involved and complete Prestwich bumblebee control without incident.

Bumble Bee BumbleBee

BumbleBee Removal Services

Our Prestwich bumblebee control services can be used by both homeowners and businesses, and customers can take advantage of the same day service or arrange a visit to suit their convenience. We offer an affordable fixed price to remove a nest and this comes with a guarantee that the dangers of a Prestwich bumblebee nest will be removed. If a first treatment does not get completely eradicate the problem, we will provide a second treatment at no cost.