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Professional Prestwich Bed Bug Treatment

Persistent pests

In the past, bed bugs were mostly associated with slums and badly maintained premises. Today, they now thrive in the most sanitary of hotels and homes, being transported inside with infested clothing, baggage and furniture (Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, 2010). Adult bed bugs range from brown to red in colour, are oval and flat and have an unpleasant odour. They have no wings but benefit from well-formed legs and their mouthparts are especially suited for piercing human skin (Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, 2010).

Rapid multiplication

Bed BugFemale bed bugs can lay an amazing 200 to 500 eggs within the space of just two months. They protect their eggs by cementing them into inaccessible crevices (Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, 2010). The eggs hatch into minute insects that are the colour of straw and turn into adults within six to eight weeks (National Health Service, date unknown). The entire bed bug life-cycle takes only two and four months (Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, 2010), so bed bugs can multiply in no time at all, if unhindered by expert Prestwich bed bug treatment measures.

Extreme resilience

In order to mature and develop properly, bed bugs must have blood (National Health Service, date unknown). Adult bed bugs normally feed many times during the span of their lifetimes. However, in the absence of a suitable host, they can live for an entire year without feeding. Bed bugs hide themselves well during daylight hours, only coming out to suck human blood in the cover of darkness (Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, 2010). These characteristics make bed bugs extremely resilient and therefore particularly difficult to exterminate using non-professional Prestwich bed bug treatment.

Our Prestwich bed bug control services

Bed Bug TreatmentIn light of bed bugs' rapid multiplication and extreme resilience, Young's Pest Control offers safe yet remarkably effective bed bug fumigation and other Prestwich bed bug treatment. Our staff are well trained and have years of experience in bed bug fumigation. We offer both domestic and commercial bed bug removal services (Young's Pest Control, 2014), so we can help you whether your bed bug infestation is at your home or business. Remember to take your time to check out the rest of our extremely informative website for more details on bed bugs and our outstanding services. Call us now and we would be happy to explain how our professional Prestwich bed bug treatment services can meet your urgent bed bug control needs.